Panasonic GH4 Slow Motion Tests via GearAddix 96fps 1080p

The ability to shoot 4K has made the GH4 camera very popular, but also overshadows many of the other great reasons to buy a GH4. One of the stand out features is it's ability to shoot 96fps at full 1080p. The GearAddix Team immediately finds ways to abuse test this new feature.

The GH4 Camera is shipping now and you can find them available via B&H (click here).

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7 thoughts on “Panasonic GH4 Slow Motion Tests via GearAddix 96fps 1080p

  1. Chirs

    Too bad the vari frame rate is soft as S**T. Aliasing and moire hell too. Actually, the 1080 modes on the Gh4 are pretty aliased and moire ridden. 4K however is clean as a whistle.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Jacob - I literally just got this camera yesterday. Still playing with so many different elements on the camera, lots of things to test out.

  3. Emm, how's the aliasing and moire at 96fps? I can see a pretty bad bunch on the guy's shirt at 1:55-2:09. What have you seen so far?

  4. The last shot was cute but I can't believe you missed THE obvious shot, since you had water in the shots, the shot of Keiko drinking and letting the water pour on her, wearing a white t-shirt. Come on, that was an amateur move!

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