Panasonic GH3 Digital Camera Available

The Panasonic GH3 camera is still out of stock via Amazon and BHPhoto, but you can find dozens available for overly marked up prices on eBay. Every now and then you can track one down at normal retail price, and there just so happens to be one available right now. Looks like a listing for only one GH3 at normal retail price (click here)

Panasonic GH3 Camera
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2 thoughts on “Panasonic GH3 Digital Camera Available

  1. julien

    I saw the videos of "came" steadicam, do you think it's as good as glidecam because i consider buying an arm and vest, so would it be better to buy the complete rig, or it would be better that i keep my glidecam and just buy arm and vest.

  2. julien

    Hi Emm, i bought the gh3 last week and sold my 7d. I have the glidecam 2000 though. I would like to know if i can fly my gh3 with it?

    I have the 25mm panasonic 1.4 for now. I had to remove all the weights from the bottom of the glidecam. It seems to be balanced right but when i put my fingers on it, it moves quite a bit...

    Sorry for my bad english, i'm belgian.

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