Palo Alto – Custom Camera Mount Adapter

Palo Alto translated can mean 'tall stick'. This special adapter was designed for the niche market of Painters Pole Photography, as seen in this article.

I was unable to locate an affordable solution to adapt my Photography Camera to a simple Painters pole. Using painter poles allow for huge savings, but current available adapters are few and expensive. The new custom made Palo Alto by will make these more affordable for Painter Pole enthusiasts.

Shot with Palo Alto

Here's the exact same Pole i'm using, it's awesome.
Shureline Painters Pole
find-price-button Shur-Line Easy Reach Extension Pole

There are many painter poles that extend further than 10' Feet. Custom machined from steel, this adapter will mount on any standard painter type pole allowing you to bring your camera to new heights. This video was a sample taken by Dion Wong @ Photos were taken with a Canon 5D Mark II using a Shure-line 10' painter pole, video was taken using a Canon SX210 IS point and shoot (mounted on the same Shure-line Painter Pole). This adapter is now available on a new website at

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10 thoughts on “Palo Alto – Custom Camera Mount Adapter

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Nathan - I have a few in hand (new version prototypes) so it's still something we will be producing. Time is not on our side these days, but hopefully in the coming weeks.

  2. Any idea when these will be back in stock? I've been doing a lot of real estate photography lately and holding my camera over my head with my monopod isn' anywhere near as good as this would be.

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    Palo Alto Painter Pole Adapter » CheesyCam

  4. Very nice, indeed!
    I used one here in my country with a PVC connector and a thread. It's not as safe as this one, but works. Anyway, I would love to be able to buy this adapter. I hope to see it listed soon!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @videoguy916 - Just sent the remaining pieces out to a friend. He'll be listing them soon.

  6. videoguy916

    Hey Emm,

    Can I still buy one of these from you?

    The link to the photography and cinema site is not working.

    I would love to buy one if they are still available.


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