Osrso Inexpensive Mini Ball Heads for Accessories

I was looking for a few more strong mini ball heads and just happened to run into these guys. From the photos they looked pretty high quality, and at less than $8 bucks a piece, worth a shot. Once they dropped in, I was pretty happy with the build on these things.

You probably saw me earlier mounting this to that CAME 2 Axis Gimbal under the MustHD Monitor. Very sturdy little ball heads and priced well against many of the other micro / mini ball heads. For under $8 dollars + free shipping, you can find the Osrso ball heads via eBay (click here).

osrso mini ball head cheesycam ebay FRT-01 FRT-02 FRT-03s-l225-2osrso mini ball head cheesycam ebay FRT-01 FRT-02 FRT-03
find-price-button Osrso Heavy Duty Inexpensive Mini Ball Heads

Other ball heads mentioned in the video

Manfrotto 492 Micro Ball Head
Manfrotto 492 Micro Ball
Giottos Mini Ball Head
Giottos Mini Ball Head
Junior Joint Pro Mini Ball Head

11 thoughts on “Osrso Inexpensive Mini Ball Heads for Accessories

  1. I have some of the Osrso FRT-01 mini ball head and they are really great. But I'am out for more. So as Jeff asks, I ask the same thing if someone have any tips where to buy these two years later?

  2. sorry to resurrect an old post, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if the Osrso FRT-03 is still for sale anywhere? All my searches come up with the Osrso FRT-05

    thanks, jeff

  3. just got one of these in. nice find emm, they're a great bargain. Curious: it includes a small hex screw that goes into the side, which can be used to lock it all up, but i'm at a loss for a practical reason for this. any thoughts?

  4. Rob S.

    @eikerir Thanks, that's the one that I figured would work. And it's not that expensive considering how much tripod heads can cost. I just wish they offered ballheads with the Manfrotto slider plate.

  5. @Rob S. The Manfrotto one is the one i would recommend for a super compact slider set-up. I've used it for timelampses and it holds my camera + lens + battery grip no problems at all.

    After a LED light falling out during an event thanks to one of the cheaper ball head models i only use the Manfrotto one now. It's expensive but feels like it will last a lifetime.

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