Nikon’s Full Frame D600 In Stock and Shipping

The new Nikon D600 Full Frame Video DSLR is officially available and already shipping. Has anyone out there already decided on this camera? I'm a Canon shooter, but this one seems to deliver more of what i'm looking for over the newly announced Canon 6D (which i'll probably end up trying anyways). The new Nikon D600 starts at just under $2100 (body only) via B&H (Click Here)

Nikon D600 Body
find-price-button Nikon D600 Full Frame Camera Body

16 thoughts on “Nikon’s Full Frame D600 In Stock and Shipping

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  2. getem

    Personally I'm not a fan of the full frame look with deep dof. Everything that's in focus but still many areas that are soft.

    I only enjoy full frame look with used with shallow dof. I feel like full frame look captures to much in a shot and you are really not able to concentrate on what you are supposed to look at.

    If I were to use Full Frame camera it would be with a 50mm lens always and rarely if anything less.
    Personally I like the more cropped view of aps-c and micro 4/3 (Gh2)

    If I want a wide lens I will use an 14mm, on crop sensor camera but sweet spot is 28mm focal length.

  3. Jerry also

    I agree completely with mike_tee_vee. If only the glass was the dog, and bodies the tail, instead of the other way around! This is what keeps the wonderful Pentax with its K5 II, down, among other tempting photography choices, and requires us to pour over the details of announcements that sometimes feel like banquets hosted by harpies. Lucky the shooter for whom auto-focus doesn't much matter, or fast flash, or rain, or flip-screen, or data rates, or...

    Without this wilderness of lens mounts Canon couldn't play us like this -- see how Chinese manufacturers have all but tunneled into their walled garden with speedlights.

    I realize it's silly to expect or anticipate or personalize any of this stuff but I can't help wonder whether Canon is hurting itself in the longer term, by this nickle-and-dime-ing, combined with huge price jacks in lenses and especially anything in its version of "cine". When I head "cine"-anything I've learned it's time to change the page.

    Which means that at some point maybe not to far off the EF mount may no longer mean what it does now; double-whammy.

  4. Sean

    I'm wondering how noisy the higher iso will be compared to the 6D. That's going to be the deciding factor for me.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @David - I'm not really loyal, but I do have plenty of Canon lenses. I actually use several different cameras for different purposes mostly Sony and Canon, but i'm already waiting for my D600 to arrive any day now.

  6. David

    Okay Emm, Here what we all want to know, When do you think you will be jumping ship? and If you do, what will you jump to? Sony, Nikon, Panasonic? and Why? I think a lot of us Canon shooters are waiting for your lead. Or will you stay loyal to Canon? Will it mainly because of your lens investments?

  7. mike_tee_vee

    The thing that keeps me with Canon (and NEX and m4/3's) is the lens mount. For the moment, Canon is the most adaptable full frame lens mount. The F-mount and Alpha mount are far more restrictive. While the D600 looks good on paper, I'm not prepared to buy a whole new set of lenses.

    To me, a full frame NEX mirrorless camera (VG900 aside) would be more of a game changer than the D600.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Ron R. - It has different resolution specs, but nothing specific about being able to shoot RAW in those other resolution settings. I'll know soon, I have one on the way.

  9. Ron R.

    Does either the D800 or the D600 have different size raw files (nef) like Canon has on the 5d cameras? Different size Raws???

  10. Getem

    the consumers are beginning to notice and mark my words Canon is going to fall behind......

    Nikon is offering such an amazing full frame camera here and the Panasonic GH3 is offering amazing options as well for only $1299......

    Times are about to change and honestly I already made the jump to Panasonic GH2 Hack.

  11. Rabi

    Awesome camera on a lot of counts, though I worry about the durability of the body and the shutter and sync speeds. I am waiting to see real-world image/video samples, but I'l probably end up buying one.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @David - I think Canon doesn't want to offer more in a cheaper camera than what their already released Pro cameras offer. IMHO, I feel like they are just painting themselves further into a corner with all these slightly limited cameras.

    We are three years into DSLR Video, and they obviously know how important a simple headphone jack is these days. To not implement something that should be standard in today's $2K+ cameras like the 6D just shows the direction they are going with their consumers... I can understand limiting the rebel series, but $2K can buy you a whole lot of camera these days from Sony, Panasonic, and Nikon. Even the GH3 at $1299 with all the new bells and whistles and quality is going to have some impact to the Canon DSLR Video market for sure..

  13. David

    Hey emm, I'm a Canon shooter too, but why does Nikon seem to always offer more for the money? This camera i think has 2 sd card slots vs Canon 6d 1 sd card...Is Canon falling behind?

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