Nikon D5100 DSLR w/ more Video

Nikon D5100

Nikon announces the D5100 and from the pricing and specs, it should be going head to head with the T3i market. [Thanks Andrew] It's rocking 16MP against the T3i's 18MP, but in today's world those sizes don't matter. It's possibly Nikon will have better low light handling by sticking to this smaller size chip.

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The D5100 includes a Vari-Angle LCD, External Mic input, 4fps burst photography, and finally some additional frame rates for video. Well maybe not so important frame rates as they've managed to start adding in 30fps to their 1080 recordings, but still nothing at 60fps. We'll see if future higher end Nikon models will have that ability. Of course the camera will have 'Full Time Auto and Manual Exposure' in movie mode. Nikon is still including full time 'Auto Focus' during movie recording as well.

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On the photography side there's a ton of built in Filters and Effects, but also built in HDR photography mode. Something Sony seems to do with every camera, and Canon DSLR's lack. They aren't stopping there. They are also creating accessories for movie making like their ME-1 stereo microphone. Nikon's new D5100 is priced right even against all the new competition. The cult like Photography following for Nikon glass can give this camera some penetration into the DSLR video market. The one problem Nikon has is availability. Every new release is extremely slow to become available and by the time you find it, there's already something new. Let's see how this one plays out. More in depth specs can be found on the Nikon page.

Should be available in May according to the link below.
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find-price-button Nikon D5100 16MP DSLR

6 thoughts on “Nikon D5100 DSLR w/ more Video

  1. Janne

    Hi Emm, thanks for this amazing blog.

    I'd like to point out though few facts about sensor sizes and resolutions in DSLRs tough. Nikon's DX sensor is actually larger at 368 mm2 than Canon's APC-C at 336 mm2. Canon's larger image size at 5360 x 3515 vs. Nikons 4991 x 3280 means that you can print your images 17,7 inches wide from Canon and only 16,7 inches wide from Nikon (at 300dpi). My 27 inch iMac has only 2560 by 1440 display so there's no gain from larger images here.

    When shooting video current cams do not downsize the image coming from the sensor, they drop out the pixels they dont use. So regardles the camera you're shooting with you end up with only 2,1 (1920 by 1080) out of 16, 18 or whatever the megapixel amount your camera has. So, when recording 1080p, with Canon you have 2,1 million pixels at 4.16 µm (micrometers) per pixel and with Nikon 2,1 million pixels at 4.73 µm. Larger pixels really do mean better low-light performance. That's why D3S absolutely owns high ISO at 8.4 µm sized pixels.

    Wooh, that was way too long and overwhelmingly techical comment 😀 Just trying to fight the megapixel myth here.

  2. It's the auto-only exposure in video mode that kills this camera for me (even though I still own legacy Nikon AF-S glass). Why these guys can't figure out that video shooters want the same level of control as still shooters is beyond me.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel - I've seen it, I wasn't impressed. I think i'd still rather go full manual.

  4. Paul

    "Should be available in May"

    That time frame may be a bit optimistic, though I hope it's not the case. These units will be assembled in Thailand but availability of Japanese-made parts is the issue. Nikon's main DSLR manufacturing plant in Sendai (where Nikon cameras have been made going back to the early 1970s) suffered serious damage in the March earthquake. Their latest press release says they are getting the line going, though it will be limited because of the continued rolling blackouts caused by the nuclear power plant crisis, which will be months, if not years, in process. And then there's the parts issue again. Sorry to say they confirmed one employee was killed (not on site) and three others are still missing. You can imaging many employees lost their homes, transportation, etc. and are struggling to get along.

    Canon fared better, but still suffered losses too. Early information said their SLR lens manufacturing was disrupted along with a lot of other industrial lines.

    Wish them all well. Pray if you're so inclined. Can't wait to see one of these cameras though. Maybe I'll finally step into the DSLR video game!

    Story out of the UK on the D5100 here

    Nikon's March 31 release here

    - P

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