New Sony 16-35mm and 12-24mm Full Frame Lenses

When I first moved from Canon DSLRs to Sony Mirrorless cameras, I often adapted my Canon lenses using a metabones adapter. Mainly because back then the seelction of good E-Mount 'Full Frame' lenses were small. But over time Sony continues to expand their line of full frame e-mount lenses and with Sony's excellent auto focus system, you just can't beat working with native lenses. One of my favorite lenses is the 16-35mm but at F/4 it wasn't the greatest. Now Sony has just announced a new 16-35mm F/2.8 GM (G Master) version and this is definitely a lens to add to your kit if you're working with Sony E-Mount full frame cameras like the A7s / A7sII. Just in case you want something event wider for e-mount Full Frame, they've also dropped a new 12-24mm. Check out both of Sony's new lenses (here).

new sony 16-35 12-24
Learn-More-sm Sony 16-35mm F/2.8 GM and 12-24mm F/4 Lenses

2 thoughts on “New Sony 16-35mm and 12-24mm Full Frame Lenses

  1. Unfortunately, the 12-24 is pretty worthless for video. According to the specs, it has no filter threads, so you can't put an ND filter on it—at least, not easily.

    Guess I'll keep my Sony 10-18mm for ultra wide angle video projects, even though the effective range on my A7sii is 12-17mm full frame.

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