NEW CAME-TV SINGLE Pistol Grip Gimbal Stabilizer and CAME-MINI Version 2 Tool-Less Gimbal

CAME-TV has just posted two new gimbal stabilizers on their website. The first is a new version of the CAME-MINI which has been upgraded to incorporate a quick release plate and tool-less adjustments around the frame. They are labeling this as the CAME-MINI 2. Below is a video they posted on their YT channel about the new changes.

CAME-TV Mini Gimbal 2 version 2CAME-MINI 2 Gimbal Stabilizer
find-price-button CAME-TV CAME-MINI 2 Stabilizer 3-Axis Gimbal

The next new product is a new single handed pistol grip style gimbal stabilizer that I think is really going to be appealing to the growing mirrorless market. The new CAME-TV 'SINGLE' works with a 32-bit board (as opposed to 8-bit), and the largest Brushless Motors i've seen on any pistol grip style gimbal. It also incorporates a quick release plate and tool less adjustments.

CAME-MINI Gimbal stabilizer CAME-SINGLE
find-price-button CAME-TV SINGLE 3-Axis Pistol Grip Style Gimbal Stabilizer

Obviously the unit seen in images and in video are still prototype and will most likely be black anodized for production. Expected to begin shipping in mid June 2015, the new CAME-TV SINGLE is already open for Pre-orders which includes an early bird discount. There are additional photos over at the product page (found here).

Came-single mini gimbal single handed pistol grip style gimbalCame-tv Single Handed Gimbal
find-price-button CAME-TV SINGLE 3-Axis Pistol Grip Style Gimbal Stabilizer

In other news CAME-TV has reduced pricing across many of the CAME 8000, CAME 7800 (old version), CAME 7500, and CAME 7000. Make sure to visit their website to see the new pricing.


42 thoughts on “NEW CAME-TV SINGLE Pistol Grip Gimbal Stabilizer and CAME-MINI Version 2 Tool-Less Gimbal

  1. Steve R

    I got the Came TV single and have the LX100 and found that it was too light on the right hand side, I tried swappin around the quick release plate but that didnt work, what I found worked perfectly was unscrewing the fixed block, then moving it to the right ( as by default the block wont slide off even when loose) and clamped it back on, this allowed me to balance the lx100 perfectly ( please do so at your own risk as if you do undo the front screw it could fall off. I find I dont touch that now and just take off the quick release plate.

  2. Jetlag Zombie

    The above other alternatives mentioned above (Excalibur & MinisturdyFlight) look interesting, although the Excalibur is not ready for primetime yet, and the MF maybe only ships to Europe? There is also the J69 gimbal out of China (and very little mention of it elsewhere, except a few people who say they've bought one and like it). Like the MF the arm is on the right side so you can open up the LCD screen (yay!). Although I've read one claim that to do that the motor has to be inverted, and thus is less stable.
    I've seen nothing on the Excalibur except a FB page - no specs, stats, price, or sample footage. I'd never pull the trigger on something that is still in R&D.
    The real appeal of the Came Single is that you don't have to mess with it - nothing is worse than constantly having to change the settings, and wasting time at every new place you want to shoot. But there is some talk of a 4 axis gimbal not too far away; that would finally suppress the infamous up and down bounce. We'll see.

  3. Nmc

    I also put my lx100 on the came-tv single. The lx100 is too light to balance the roll axis but I found by just taking off the quick release plate and turning it around 180 degrees about the z axis allows that extra distance. This perfectly balances the lx100 without any extra weight

  4. Just curious if anyone has received their Came-TV Single gimbal yet? I've got one on order from the first pre-order but haven't seen anything yet.

    Would love to see some actual footage from one 🙂

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Art Sanchez - Yes i'm pretty sure there will be a way to mount accessories to this gimbal, including an Atomos Shogun.

  6. Art Sanchez

    Hi Emm,
    Do you think that the Came mini could work with the shogun located at the bottom?

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Nelson - The software on the CAMETV gimbals are all the same. PID tuning videos are everywhere and i've even managed to throw up a dozen or so myself. If anyone wants to tune their gimbal, it's not impossible to do so. The problem is many people don't bother taking the time to actually learn before changing settings and once you make a change, you could be really screwed. Even posting up PID settings aren't going to make things perfect, it may even cause more problems. It would be better if people would learn the very basics and then they don't need anything from these companies. They should be able to do it all themselves without any support. There's some very basic videos up at that talk about building one from scratch.

  8. Nelson

    Well at least pilotfly is posting their PID settings on their FB page, good for people who are not familiar with tweaking. All other manufacturer just let user left in the dark beside "our stock setting works fine for all" bullcrap.

  9. Warning : big design problem on the "Came-mini"

    I use the Came-mini for around six weeks with the couple GH4 / 12-35 mm Panasonic. After a few hours to adjust to have a satisfactory behavior I had a hardware that works properly.

    There are some days I had a problem with the Roll axis that was no power! after dismantling I realized that the power cable was broken. In fact there is no slip rings for supplying the Roll motor but simply a cable which twist over the roll rotations that are free. In my case the cable was twisted about 8 laps and it ruptured : httpss://

    When using the system you have no idea how many already completed rotations. These rotations can be made off when you calibrate the mini-cam or simply by putting it in its carrying case: one makes a 180 ° rotation for the set up and when we remove also have another 180° rotation...if it is in the opposite direction no problem we return to 0 but if it is the same direction you have one more turn at the cable rotations.

    I raised this issue at the company that makes the mini-cam: Cam-Tv. It is recognized that the problem could happen, but the only solution he proposes is to connect the mini-cam with SimpleBGC software to see how many of rotation on the Roll axis !

    content of the reply email Cam-Tv:
    Hello Christian,
    Thanks for your email.
    Hope You Could Understand That It will shows clearer How Many Times you turn it When You connect it to the computer.
    as the attached photo, the number on the bottom of Each axis shows the angle, more Higher the corner, it shows more times you turned, you just need to turn the roll or pitch up to the angle is "zero", When It's zero, it's the normal status. Then just keep it is not turned too much times.
    The worry is that this solution (difficult to implement in the field) is not valid at all.
    Everyone can try: made 2 turns on Roll axis without power and then connect your system. You will see that the Roll axis displays still 0 !

    Finally Came-Tv does not offer solution ... After reading various reviews about this company she appeared to me as serious.
    Finally the company is not serious and unreliable.
    Absolutely avoid if you're handyman.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Johnny - I have seen thosw and others, but they have a fixed minimum diameter that may sit loose on a gimbal bar. Its not the same as a bike handlebar, so some of those may or may not work.

  11. Johnny


    So sorry to post this question here, but I own an Atomos Shogun and want to mount it to my CAME 7800. Can you please link me to a mount that will allow me to put my Shogun on my CAME 7800.

    Thank you!!!

  12. eddie

    apparently they will have a second screw hole higher up on the handle which can be used for a magic arm to hold a smartphone, which will be great for monitoring and record start/stop. when i asked them about footage, this was their response. "we have not done footage yet, but you must trust our footage must be good , because we already sold thousands of gimbal before" it's weird, they already showed the gimbal working with a camera on it, i would feel like shooting some footage and uploading it should be easy. makes me wonder if there's a reason they can't post footage.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Jacob - It looks like it comes with it's own plate, but I don't know if there is an optional adapter.

  14. Hey Emm,

    Is there any sort of quick release for the Mini 2? It looks like it'd be a great substitute for our Zenmuse to get an a7S on our DJI S1000. Any ideas?


  15. eddie

    @Emm that makes a lot of sense. not only is the sigma 18-35mm heavy, it is long. almost as long as the olympus pro 40-150. even a slight bump in payload capacity would be great though. i'd love to be able to put a voigtlander nokton 17.5mm on this thing(too heavy? too long?). tool-less balancing and a 10 hour run time on the battery life are pretty compelling reasons to dish out the extra cash over the nebula and pilotfly. looking forward to seeing footage.

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @yakir - i'm pretty sure it will be able to change modes. There will either be a button in the joystick or a separate button added. As far as the LCD screen, CAME-TV says that it will support the LCD out of the GH4, so this might mean you can flip the motor to either side. That's totally possible to configure in software, so as long as the frame rotates, then it can be setup.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @VillageBoi - I don't get why it would be disappointing. I think people just don't understand how today's gimbals work. In order to fly a heavier camera especially for those who are asking for a GH4 + Metabones Lens Adapter + Sigma 18-35mm, you have to physically have a larger frame. You need a very large frame because you have to balance the camera's center of gravity. So when you are looking for a tiny pistol grip style gimbal, it's just not physically possible to balance that camera.

    In order to have enough room for that setup to balance properly you have to slide the whole camera backwards. Now in order for that camera to clear it's back while tilting up, you need a longer frame. Because the camera has added weight, you have to sit the camera lower in the frame too (means larger frame). So if any of you seriously want to have a single handed gimbal for that type of setup, imagine flipping a CAME-TV 7800 upside down and add add one handle underneath because that's about the general size frame you'll need to support and properly balance that type of setup. It's not just about the motors, it's about the physical dimensions of the gimbal.

  18. VillageBoi

    Disappointing if it really can only handle 1kg. Even I would have thought 32bit + much larger motors = bigger payload.

  19. eddie

    i agree, larger motors should give you a bigger max payload. the pilotfly h1 is supposed to have larger and more powerful motors than the nebula, perhaps the pilotfly and the came single are being a little conservative about their max payload figures. unfortunately the sigma 18-35 is massively heavy compared to MFT lenses, over double the weight of the lumix 12-35 for example. if it worked, the speedboosted 18-35 with gimbal would be awesome for low light flying. i'm sure they'll make a single handle gimbal that can fit a 5d, that should be able to hold a gh4+sigma 18-35. but at that point, the entire rig will be so heavy that being single handled may not be an advantage anymore.

  20. OldCorpse

    @eddie - yes, you are right. I assumed that since the Single supposedly has stronger motors than the Nebula, it would be able to carry a bigger payload than the Nebula which misses not by much (per Emm: " The Nebula is an 8biy system with smaller motors. This one is a 32 bit with larger motors."). Disappointing that "larger motors" don't buy you a bigger max payload. Oh well. That rules out the Single for me. I'll await something that can handle the GH4+SB+Sigma 18-35 combo - for me, that's the minimum.

  21. Art Sanchez

    Regarding about the Came Mini 2:

    I use the Manfrotto 501 QR system. Is it compatible? Or if not, could I mount a QR platform on the gimbal?

  22. eddie

    a couple questions i've seen posted in the comments that they have since written info for on their product page:

    a. net weight (with lens and camera mounted?)is 1.2kg
    b. max payload of camera/lens combo is 1kg

    apparently the power button is also a mode change button so presumably there is a pitch follow mode.

    i would rather see footage before shelling out cash for a preorder as well. the came single does have clear advantages but even with the preorder discount is $100 more expensive than the nebula or pilotfly.

    how do you figure that it could carry a gh4 with speedbooster and sigma 18-35? it is advertised as having a max 1kg payload, same as the nebula and pilotfly. gh4+speedbooster+sigma 18-35 would put you at 1.4kg

  23. OldCorpse

    On the one hand it looks like the Single should be able to handle the GH4+SB+Sigma 18-35 combo - excellent! On the other, I'm wondering how tiring it's going to be to fly the Single with that combo for any length of time. Anyhow, I've watched gimbals evolve and have not sprung for one as yet, because I still think it's not 100% there, but it's getting closer all the time. The possibilities are endless - the use with a slider and especially the jib is a great idea that really extends the usefulness of the Single. I must say CAME-TV impresses me with the rapidity of their product development, and I suspect when the day comes for me to finally buy a gimble, it may be from CAME-TV.

    On another note, yes, the demo guy is an absolute rock star. I could watch him forever... a small tip for those in places like Colorado and Washington, who want to have their minds blown - put the videos on a loop, enjoy some local product and you're in for many hours of fun and educational instruction courtesy of this amazing guy.

  24. Kirin

    What do you think is the downside to using a pistol grip type system like this as opposed to the more traditional style?
    Seems like the plus side is it should be more portable..

  25. @Emm- there are another two pistol grip like gimbals in the market for now, one is from Italy called MinisturdyFlight which has the motor on the other side so you can flip out your lcd screen, the second one is the Excalibur, which is from Israel, it has also 32bit motors.
    here are some links to there website and FB pages.


    for the came-tv one, i didn't see any mode button for switching between modes, do you know something about that?

  26. Emm

    Post author

    @seenematic - Hmm I wouldn't say it would be naive. There are only a few things that are important about these gimbals. First is if a camera can be balanced properly and how cumbersome balancing could be. This is tool-less so thats great. Outside of that most of them use the same basecam controllers. The Nebula is an 8biy system with smaller motors. This one is a 32 bit with larger motors. It's pretty safe to say it should be more stable and carry more weight and the videos they have with it working already prove that the camera is balanced and stabilized. The final piece is all up to the operator.

  27. To expect people to preorder, without even posting any footage of the product in action, is kinda naive.

    Especially with both the Nebula 4000 AND the Pilotfly out there for the same price or even cheaper and tons of test footage and user feedback.

  28. krys

    i think CAME is really fast at releasing newer models. it sucks for people that buy older models and then new models come out. or if you buy something from another company and then CAME comes out with something more inexpensive

  29. Dan K

    I'm positively getting gun-shy now. No matter what I buy, within two weeks something way betterer and more cheaperer will be there.

    I've got a CAME 7800 that I've used maybe twice and it's already been obsoleted by the Nebula or this CAME Single, for $450 less!

    Pair this with the Zeiss Cinemizer head-worn monitors and it's a go. Fantastic.

    And based on this demo video, I might even buy a couple of extra quick-release adapters....

  30. Habez

    I really wanna make a pre-order for the Came Single but it would be nice to have a clear indication of a) The actual weight of the unit and b) The actual payload maximum of the gimbal.

    Without the numbers for these two i think the pre-order sounds more like a gamble to me. haha

  31. The demo guy is cute, but he has never been out in the field used this equipment for sure :p

    Anyway, interesting how it got from a huge rack with two arms to this pistol grip in so short time. Wonder what's next 😀

  32. Joel

    Joe & Kevin ~ Know what would be funnier? To hear you guys do the same demo in HIS native language.

    ps - Give the guy a break, for crying out loud ...

  33. Clive

    Guys, come on. The entire world does not speak perfect english. It doesn't have to mean they can't make a decent product. Everything he said was at least understandable and useful info.

    I don't think a small foreign company should be judged purely on their demo vids.

  34. Kevin Martis

    The most painful video's I have watched in a long time. Not sure it is helping there image too much. Wow!

  35. Joe Rodriguez

    Funniest demo EVER. This guy should review everything in YouTube.

    This setup is tour-less.

  36. Clive

    I've been waited for a 'big player' to give me a reason to upgrade from my Nebula 4000. Not sure CAME are a 'big player', but at least established. Will be keeping an eye for reviews of this.

    I see it has pitch joystick control, but does it have pitch follow mode?

  37. ryan

    I just bought the Nebula 4000 lite like yesterday. Sigh.

    Curious to see if this is better or worse. The motors on this new CAME look like they're bigger than the nebula.

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