NAB2014: Dracast T1000 LED Bank Lighting

NAB Show 2014, Rodney from Dracast gives us an early look at a more affordable and durable new LED light fixture designed to replace popular CFL Lighting fixtures still used in photo/video today.

The Dracast T1000 (pending name) uses dimmable strips of LEDs within the tubing and is available in both single color Daylight or adjustable Bi-Color tungsten-daylight. Additionally you can purchase the Bi-Color Fixture and replace the tubes with single color for greater light output. Definitely a solid alternative to more expensive KinoFlo type lighting that many of us still have to rent, and easier to transport without dealing with fragile CFL lamps.

Dracast LED CFL Light Bank Video Lighting Bi-Color Single Daylight
Dracast Dimmable Bi-Color 3/6 LED Tube Light Bank Video Lighting

The video shows a 3 LED Light Bank 2ft. model, but according to Dracast they are also making these new lights available in 3/6 LED Light Banks in 2 ft. fixtures, 3/6 LED Light banks in 4 ft. fixtures, and 3/6 LED Light Banks in 6 ft. fixtures.

Compared to the high end True Match® CFL lamps used in similar fixtures, replacement Dracast High CRI LED Tubes will be half the price. More information about the T1000 LED Light Banks will be available at Dracast website (click here).

Dracast NAB 2014 LED Video Lighting CFL Light Bank Killer
Dracast Dimmable Bi-Color 3/6 LED Tube Light Bank Video Lighting

5 thoughts on “NAB2014: Dracast T1000 LED Bank Lighting

  1. Rob S.

    It's funny that these lights got no online coverage anywhere else. They seem easier to manage than Kinos. I guess it depends on light quality and price. Generally, LED light strips don't have a lot of output. Would love a 4x4 substitute since those are a hassle to manage with the heavy ballast and long fragile tubes.

  2. Brian

    Would like to know if these LED strips can be retrofitted to existing Flo intstruments? I imagine it would require installing a 12Volt dc powersupply for AC use. When I visited the link to the site there was no mention of the strips.

  3. Keith

    I guess it's too late to ask for an interview with the hot blonde chick in the background! I would have probably bought some of whatever she was selling even if I didn't know what it was. I had to watch this three times before I learned anything about the lights, which look good by the way, just not as good as the girl!

  4. The housing for the led lights are to expensive the low budget film maker like myself. how hard or easy do you think it would be to build your own housing for the led lights them self. considering the bulbs are very inexpensive. just my thoughts.

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