NAB 2015 BlackMagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6K

Now in a smaller, more handheld friendly form factor, the URSA Mini 4K Digital Cinema Camera from Blackmagic Design can record cinematic images with its Super-35mm 4K, global-shutter sensor with 12 stops of dynamic range. The ergonomic body design is balanced and can be used for many different styles of filmmaking. The PL-mount is compatible with a plethora of popular lenses, opening up different aesthetic options. A rosette on the side of the camera accepts the included side handle which can control start/stop via a LANC connection.

blackmagic design mini ursa

To produce cinematic images, the URSA Mini can record uncompressed raw sensor data in the CinemaDNG format onto CFast 2.0 memory cards at up to 60 fps. The raw files preserve the full dynamic range and color tonality output from the sensor so you can have greater control over the look in post-production. However, data-heavy uncompressed raw files aren't always easy to deal with on-set, so Blackmagic provides compressed raw at 3:1 and 4:1 ratios to save space while retaining postproduction flexibility.

Blackmagic design mini ursa super 35

The URSA Mini also records UHD (3840 x 2160) and 1080p video using ready-to-edit ProRes files in many different flavors within the 444 and 422 chroma subsampling variations depending on your workflow. Starting at the high end, UHD footage can be recorded in ProRes 444 XQ at a rate of 312.5 MB/s all the way down to 1080p in a ProRes 422 Proxy file coming in at a relatively paltry 5.6 MB/s data rate. Since the camera accepts dual CFast cards, you can record for long periods of time by having the camera switch cards when one is full.

blackmagic ursa mini camera
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20 thoughts on “NAB 2015 BlackMagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6K

  1. Tom

    If they can come up with a version that has MFT mount (do crop with mft lenses like JVC does), and preferably support for either SSD or SD in addition to CFast, I would be buying this.

  2. I'm a big admirer of what BlackMagic is doing. I don't own one yet, but this mini URSA with the EF mount and the new sensor is seriously high up on my list of video purchases. However, I'm a bit bothered by a couple of things. Their pricing is starting to get a bit gimmicky, Red-style. I mean, 3k for the old sensor and 5k for the new one? Who in their right mind will want the old sensor with the new one having --on paper-- two more stops of DR? So, really this is not a $3k camera but a $5k camera. Still tremendous value for what it offers but the $3k pricing is gimmicky. Also, what's with the lack of HDMI port? How can you add a monitor of viewfinder if you can't afford $1.5 for theirs? Which brings me to my last point. $1.5k for the viewfinder of a supposedly 3k camera? Are there any other options for a viewfinder for this camera? So, right off the bat we're talking $6.5k for a complete camera. Never mind the CFfast 2.0 cards, it's not their fault they're so expensive right now. Their optional mounting kit is reasonably priced, I can't bitch about that. BM, we love your products and what you are doing for the industry, don't become RED in your pricing...

  3. The only thing I'm worried about is that us BMCC 4k owners are going to get kicked to the curb. The Ursa Mini is basically the same camera with way better features for about the same price. One of the complaints I have about the BMCC 4k camera is the finicky touch screen and there hasn't been any updates for the BMCC 4k in a long time:-(

  4. DocHutch

    Sorry to be the buzz kill but the Ursa Mini is not upgradable, the full size Ursa is upgradable. Don't get the Ursa Mini 4K with dreams of upgrading it to the 4.6K down the road.

  5. Eric Benson

    @Phillip Bergman Grant Petty says in an interview that you CAN upgrade, maybe not beyond the 4.6...

  6. Cendrick

    I listend to the link regarding ND filters and he said that it's because the sensor would be 'so large' and that is why no ND wheel…really?
    The sensor is super 35mm, same basic size as the sony super 35 sensor, the fs700 has a ND wheel. Then he went on to say 'that with eng cams you are run and gun and so you need the ND wheel', then he says...'with our cams you have more time to add the ND to the lens'. Oh my….

  7. VillageBoi

    Lack of ND is not a killer @ Cendrick; yes it would be nice. The camera still seems seriously amazing for the price.

    If you type "Blackmagic URSA Mini - 4.6K Sensor, 15 Stops of DR, Under 7 Pounds" into a YT search you will hear the BM Big Boss explain why there is no inbuilt ND.

  8. That was an awesome surprise for me seeing the Ursa at NAB as I was unaware of it coming out till I got to the show.This is an amazing game changer for me and as I love my BMCC 4K the Ursa Mini is taking it's place as my A cam when it comes out in June. It was also cool meeting you Emm on Tuesday afternoon.

  9. Phillip Bergman

    @Eric Benson,

    actually the Ursa Mini's are not upgradeable. so you have to pick if you want 4k 12 stops, or 4.6k 15 stops. Only the bigger Ursa has the ability to upgrade

  10. gmanfilm

    does anyone know what the differences between the models on b and h are also are people thinking pl or ef?

  11. Eric Benson

    Another cool thing to note, if you buy the 3,000 dollar model, you can choose to upgrade to the 4.6k sensor for 2,000... Pretty rad.

  12. BTW, does anybody know who makes their sensors? When they first started out they said they were using an existing sensor used mostly for astronomy, or something like that.

  13. Guy McLoughlin

    Also keep in mind that the URSA Mini EVF is an additional $1,500 and the shoulder mount kit adds another $400 to the final cost.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Carson WA - There are two different sensors gor URSA MINI. One with 12 stops and a new one with 15 stops. A difference of $2000 dollars if you need it.

  15. Paul

    I'm interested to see if you can record HD on CFast 1.0 cards. At my company we only have a budget of $4k until July, and I could put off buying expensive 2.0 cards until September.

  16. Carson WA


    I could be mistaken but it seems like I read the URSA mini is capable of 15 stops of dynamic range. Question is: Is it worth downsizing from its big brother? $3,000 is enticing given its competition. Any bets on how long this will take to get your hands on?

  17. I can see the meeting in Canon's headquarters, oh, three years from now. The president of the camera division asks "so why did we lose the video market again, what happened? Didn't we own this market with the 5dmkII?" And some brave soul will raise his hand and say "well, look at what WE were offering in 2015 and what BlackMagic was offering...."

  18. DocHutch

    I really like the idea and the look behind this camera but why on gods green earth does it have to be strictly CFast??? I know CFast will come down in price but right now its just to much. Otherwise I would love to have this and the price isn't bad but the CFast are a killer.

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