NAB 2014: Libec ALLEX Tripod Slider Fluid Head Kit

At the NAB Show, Libec shows us the ALLEX system. A line of products or complete kit designed to work seamlessly together so that you don't have to struggle with what tripod works with which video head and how that all comes together with a video slider.

The ALLEX H Fluid Video Head uses a drop in style plate, something many shoulder rig shooters have a preference over instead of the sliding systems. The head combines both a 75mm bowl + a standard 3/8" flat base mount. When used on the Libec ALLEX T tripod, the bowl allows you easily level your system, and the flat base will thread easily to the ALLEX Slider.


The ALLEX S is a 30" Slider using 8 bearings surrounding the rail. The slider features a friction knob for drag, brake knob, along with adjustable legs / feet. Beneath the slider is a similar 75mm bowl to fit directly to the ALLEX T Tripod, but also offers a 3/8" thread flat base mount.


Libec ALLEX Tripod Slider Fluid Head Keiko

The ALLEX T Tripod is very sturdy two-stage all aluminum, 75mm bowl mount, with mid level spreader, and articulating feet. The Tripod weighs approximately 5.5 lbs.

More information can be found at the ALLEX product page at the website (here).

ALLEX Video Contest

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6 thoughts on “NAB 2014: Libec ALLEX Tripod Slider Fluid Head Kit

  1. Archie

    Seems like an awesome deal.

    @ Apostolos - I see what you mean but owning almost similar to what you suggested, this seems more refined as in everything would work seamlessly. Trying to get that vertical jib like shot has always been a pain for me but in this setup the 90 degrees looks legit.

  2. Hey Emm:

    Do you have an opinion on sliders in the $300-350 range? From the ones that need a single tripod/stand for operation. I see [email protected] has one for about $330 currently and Konova, etc. I'm thinking of actually putting together a setup like Libec's now, using a slider and Manfrotto equipment.

  3. I did the math, because I bring multiple tripods to my gigs, sliders, Igus sliders, conventional two-rod

    sliders, etc. Truth is you can get to that combo with Manfrotto products and maybe a Konova 32 inch slider with similar track. You can do this one...

    for about $933 currently. Or you can do

    and addd a a Konova slider for a total about $250 for about $829.

    It would be interesting to compare a couple of combinations in that price range to see which is the best value. Are you listening Libec? I'm willing to do a comparison test... 🙂

    In that $760 head "street price" the Libec guy mentioned, they don't include the second head, to do the vertical slides, so you probably have to add another $185 for say a Manfrotto 502 head. The one drawback of Manfrotto is that the 502 head does not have the option to mount the plate from the side, which as I remember from your videos is only available with the 500 head, which takes a 60mm bowl.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - They mentioned that when it's at retail stores it may be priced around $700-ish for the entire kit. Break that price down into three pieces for a nice fluid head with drop in plate, a solid 75mm bowl tripod, and a true bearing slider, it's fairly affordable - and yes it all works seamlessly together.

  5. I'm liking this a lot. Very progressive product design by Libec. Single-tripod slider, vertical slider and tripod in one product and they all work together. High on my purchase list.

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