NAB 2014: Big Balance Handheld Gimbal Stabilizers

NAB 2014, we stop in at the Big Balance booth. This company (at this time) is only focused on and entire product line of hand held gimbal stabilizers supporting a range from Smart Phones, Compact Cameras, Mirrorless Cameras, DSLR, and more.

Many gimbal versions from Big Balance include a thumb stick to actively tilt the camera, and some with remote control capabilities when the gimbals are used in distance from the operator. You can find more additional information about these products at the website (here).

BlackMagic Pocket Gimbal Stabilizer Big BalanceBRENT-MUSTANG-SMALLBROWN-BEAR-580X320-PRODUCT-SHOT1
Big Balance Hand Held Stabilizer Gimbals

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7 thoughts on “NAB 2014: Big Balance Handheld Gimbal Stabilizers

  1. d

    it looks like junk and vaporware. 2 axis is a waste of time.
    3 axis is the only way to go. for the price save a little more and buy a 3 axis gimbal. they wasted money on that product for sure. too bad.

  2. Marc olo

    Made in china Crap, BADDDD costumer service!! Giving some info about their product seem'S reaaaalllly hard for them. Costumer Service is to me... one good reason not to buy.. The Only good thing is the price.. If you are not planning on using the footage, it's a good option...

  3. I totally agree with Aron, 2 axis and one handle is not going to work unless you want that fish tail effect. And the 3axis is just too expensive. Then I would prefer to wait until the the Morpheus gimbal from kickstarted is out. But until now, there is nothing small and lightweight for cameras up to a Sony RX100 Mark II size which stabilises on all 3 axis with a reasonable pricing.

  4. I think a 3rd axsis is a must have but for the price their selling it for I think I will pass. If the 2 axis gorilla was around $400 ish I would consider it. I think the idea of having only 2 axis and one handel right at the pivot point under the camera is a bad idea. If you are going to use a 2 axis gimbal you need 2 handles far apart from each other on each side of the camera to make up that 3rd axsis side to side movment.

  5. It's the former Mastortech company, rebranded. Prices creeping up too. Adding that third axis brings things up to Movi pricing, unfortunately.

  6. John Griswell

    Mansor under a new name? God at least get the lens hood on the 12mm set the correct way in your promo photos ...

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