More RED Scarlet Rigs – Gini Apple

Gini is still adding more RED Scarlet cages and misc parts to the lineup. This time what he calls Apple, possibly for its greenish color? Let's hope once the BlackMagic Cinema camera comes out, we'll see something for that too, because that camera really needs it.

scarlet-rigsScreen Shot 2012-05-13 at 7.48.33 AM
find-price-button Gini Apple RED Scarlet Cage

2 thoughts on “More RED Scarlet Rigs – Gini Apple

  1. Tom

    BlackMagic Cinema seems like a better fit for Gini. I would think people that can afford a RED camera may as well go for a high end brand that makes cages/rigs too. The BlackMagic Cinema buyers will probably be more cost-conscious.

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