Mitakon Lens Turbo Nikon to MFT M43 Micro Four Thirds Adapter

I've had this Mitakon Lens Turbo MFT Adapter for a almost a week and I am just getting ready to publish a video showing some examples from this. Recently I noticed an increase of questions and the amount 'buzz' picking up around the Internet, so I wanted to quickly provide some additional important information. THIS ADAPTER WILL NOT WORK ON THE #BMPCC BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera. It simply will not fit or attach to the camera.

If you're not familiar with this adapter, it's similar to the Metabones Speed Booster (found here) (but less than half the price). Always a concern on smaller MFT cameras is the cropped sensor. The Lens Turbo adapter offers a wider field of view on these smaller sensor cameras and also increases your Aperture by 1 F-Stop. Your lenses are now wider and faster!

Metabones Speed Booster MFT M43 Nikon Adapter
find-price-button Metabones SpeedBooster Nikon to M43 MFT

Right now the Lens Turbo MFT / M43 adapter fits Nikon (F, G, Ai, Ai-s, E) manual lenses and should work perfectly on your Panasonic GH3 or BlackMagic Cinema Camera MFT mount (not Pocket Cinema). How well does it actually perform? Give me a few days, and you'll see a video with a variety of examples.

For more info, you can find the Lens Turbo MFT Focal Reducer adapter available now via eBay (click here).

find-price-button Lens Turbo Focal Reducer Nikon to MFT Micro Four Thirds Adapter

44 thoughts on “Mitakon Lens Turbo Nikon to MFT M43 Micro Four Thirds Adapter

  1. Rico

    Bought one and tried it using my Canon 50mm f 1.4 on my GH3 and it was great. Threw on another Canon lens and it's stuck on there. Will not disengage.

    Anyone had this issue and have a solution?


  2. Claus Andersen

    Any news on speedbosters which will work with the Blackmagic pocket?


  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Jay Canode - Yes there is no iris ring on this adapter. The aperture would be adjusted via the manual lens.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Steven - Looks like it's hit or miss. It does not work on two of my BMPCC cameras. Another person earlier via email told me his new BMPCC and his recently purchased Mitakon also does not work, although it works on the Olympus camera. My guess is there is some major inconsistencies in manufacturing.

  5. Steven

    yeah, I can confirm this adapter works with the BMPCC, please correct your statement in the article!

  6. Naveed Akhtar

    Also corner softness make sense for another reason, as the adapter without lens is not giving you the soft corners of the full frame, they are cropped. and you probably moved your camera closer to get the same perspective.

    It would be better to see it against the fullframe image to find out the actual corners on that lens and then compare!!

  7. Indy

    I put on one order for my BMPCC. I'll re-post when I receive it to confirm. I also emailed the seller and they say the blue spot issue has been resolved in their latest batch. Stay tuned.

  8. Rene

    Hey Jo Bless, How is that possible, you are the first to say that?!? please do tell if your is different in any way? please share some info !
    The metabones is out of my budget range so would love to try the mitakon!

  9. Indy

    Excellent. I was hoping that someone else would have a different outcome. Can you share how it looks on the bmpcc before and after?

  10. Dave

    I have exchanged email with Mitakon and they said they will have a Canon FD focal reducer for MFT in January or February.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter Kent - I'd love to see the Lens Turbo on the BMPCC, but the listing page also does not specify it for the 'Pocket' and it doesn't work on my two. Also, metabones will be making two different speed boosters (one specific for BMPCC). Maybe Lens Turbo will have another one specific to BMPCC?

  12. You were talking about the EF to FD adapters, Emm? I think those have glass. My cheap-ass m4/3 to FD from China don't have glass. Well, let's see some video quality with the Mitakon. I read great stuff about the Metabones, Andrew Reid from put the new Sigma 18-35 f1.8 Nikon mount on a BMPC and went nuts about how good it looked. But you need Nikon lenses even for the Metabones and this thing is 1/3 the cost.

  13. Brian

    That's crazy that it won't attach to the BMPCC; the camera has a standard MFT mount, I'm at a loss to understand how it can attach to every other MFT camera but not this one.

  14. @apostolos
    Nikon lenses are the most universal, they are very common and can adapter to just about every mount because Nikon has the largest flange distance; though I would prefer a "dumb" EF mount to an AI/AI-S F mount (that way I could at least slap on a G-EF adapter in between them)

  15. I had a Canon EF to m4/3 adapter that fit fine on a GF3 but was very snug on the BMPCC, in fact it wouldn't turn, I decided to press it in and force it to turn and now it fits every time; still snug on the BMPCC but fits (and still fits fine on the GF3 btw). If you look at the mount on the BMPCC you see that "spring-leaf" system (for lack of a better name); the spring is what keeps the lens (or adapter) in place but if you compare the mount with one on a Panasonic (and possible Olympus) you can see although the springs are the same the metal around it is noticeably thicker; I think BMD just got the thickness a bit wrong on mine. A friend got a more recent BMPCC that didn't require any forcing for my adapter (I got one of the first round). Not saying this will work for everyone but it worked for me. (I've never mounted an actual m4/3 lens to my bmpcc but my friend has used this adapter and m4/3 lenses on his).

  16. 1930pictures

    Hi all.

    I bought the Metabones Nikon G to MFT adapter for the superior Caldwell optics. Do some research and you'll find that the Mitakon optics are known for NOT providing a full stop of speed to adapted lenses (,2817,2420102,00.asp). The Speed Booster does. Metabones is still a bargain at $430.

    If the Lens Turbo DID provide a full stop more, your f/3.5 becomes an f/2.4. my f/1.8 becomes an f/1.2 and my f/2.8 becomes an f/2.0. Also, my GH-3 goes from 2x crop (relative to 36x24mm, "full frame," or 35mm equivalent) to 1.4x. That gives it a wider FOV than 1.6x crop APS-C.

    Oh, and because it concentrates all the available light from a 35mm lens, your MFT camera regains DOF that gives bokeh like a 5D Mark III, with BETTER low-light sensitivity and image sharpness.

    All of this is good news! Looking forward to the video tests.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @apsostolos - From what I know, the Canon FD has a weird flange distance which is why FD adapters have a glass element and other adapters (like Nikon) are just straight through. I imagine this would make things more complicated in this situation (minimum focus, infinity focus, etc).

  18. What's with the Nikon lenses! Both Metabones and these guys are making in for Nikon and I got a ton of Canon FDs! Come on people, we need an adapter for Canon FD lenses!

  19. henyo

    I wonder if it's possible to get the glass out of a lens turbo ef to nex adapter and put it in an eos m adapter. That will be awesome if someone can DIY that.

  20. @Emm - you misunderstand my comment. I never mentioned auto-aperture, and I am speaking of video, not stills. I am saying that if (like me) you have a lot of Nikon AI AND Nikon G lenses, you're out of luck using the G lenses with the Mitakon since it has no aperture ring, and the lens will be wide open all the time. The Metabones DOES have this ring, so you have aperture control with the G lenses as well as the AIs. Obviously this feature costs more to make but to me is worth it. Explains partly why this unit is half the price of the Metabones.

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Ben Ericson - Possibly, I may try to hack it later, but right now i'm just trying to get some samples out with the GH3.

  22. John

    Awesome Em, can't wait for the test footage.

    Hopefully you can upload a copy to vimeo so we can download it and watch it at full resolution.

  23. Emm

    Post author

    @Christian - That's a difficult request as a 'real world recording scenario' could vary so much. If I have to cover an event with several hours of footage (even weddings) I personally would not consider this camera. The file sizes would be too big by the end of the day with multiple cameras, and the amount of cards needed would be expensive. I would still work with the Canon 5D Mark III in that situation. It's not even the best camera for low light situations.

    With a few batteries, a few cards, and a good LCD / EVF monitor you can use this for planned shots (music videos, interviews, documentary, stock footage, indie films, etc.). I would record audio separately on a digital recorder. I'll think about your comment and see if I can do some BTS when we're working on our next project with this camera.

  24. Emm

    Post author

    @Mr Blah - It doesn't mount at all. It won't attach to the BMPCC. I have two BMPCC cameras, and it doesn't fit on either.

  25. Mr Blah

    Do you know why it doesn't work on the BPCC? Did you get a chance to test it out to see what happens?
    I'm just curious as to why it wouldn't function properly on a camera with a smaller sensor and fewer mechanics in the way of the sensor (shutters, ND, OLPF, etc.).

  26. Emm

    Post author

    @Donald - No auto focus, no aperture controls from your camera. You need a full manual lens and I believe it will work fine with the AF100.

  27. Christian

    Hey Cheesycam! Love the videos! As always, I was hoping now that the blackmagic pocket camera has been around and you have played with it for a while you can make a well explained review dealing with the pocket in real world recording scenarios.

    Basically, giving us ways to work around the camera and making it used to full production.. like adding all the bells and whistles from being on a tripod to run and gunning it on a shoulder mount or something.

    I always keep updated with your info and it helps a lot but before committing to the camera i'd like to see one more review from you and showcasing the camera not by its naked self but nicely rigged up to what you believe can make this camera an effective one.

    I appreciate everything you guys do!

  28. Donald

    Will this work on the Pany AF 100? I apologize but didn't understand if this will allow auto functions on lenses. Thanks for the info.

  29. Emm

    Post author

    @Dave - I have a few great fisheye lenses directly to M43 so no need to use with an adapter. I think the appeal of this is for lenses that could benefit with the a better field of view (instead of full crop), and also the full stop of exposure.

  30. MK

    Thanks Emm - to compare would the 3.5 F-stop become a 2.8 or would it drop down even further to something like a 2.5 or 2.0?

  31. Emm

    Post author

    @MK - Well first you have to consider the crop of the GH2 which is (roughly) 2X. This adapter has a 0.726x magnification, so your crop drops down to about 1.3x (roughly) and increased aperture by 1 f-stop.

  32. Emm

    Post author

    @Ronn - For photography I think that's great, but for video I think many can work with just manual aperture. If metabones can make a cheaper one, that would be great!

  33. MK

    I have a few Nikon Series E zoom lens that I haven't used in a while, 36-72mm and 75-150mm both with a constant F-stop of 3.5. What would the Lens Turbo do for these lenses as far as the range of F-stops and focal length with the GH2?

  34. Kind of comparing apples to oranges in that the Metabones Speedbooster works with Nikon "G" lenses (G is for "Gelded" - as in no manual aperture control) while the Mitakon only works with AI type lenses that have a manual aperture ring. Metabones could make one cheaper too without this feature.

  35. MN

    Love it. Canon's are great and all 'kuz they cracked the market, but Panasonic rules the roost when it comes to video with still cams.

    The fact that I can get a GH2 for peanuts and get awesome HD video in the process boggles my mind, honestly.

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