Meking 500 600 900 1000 1200 LED Video Light Panels


Meking has some new inexpensive LED video light panels, and from the listing it states it can be switched to power through 110V or 220V. It's dimmable with barn doors, and if you've got the juice, you can go portable with the available port for 24V DC. Starting at around $230 dollars, these seem to be fairly new stuff on the cheaper side, and does not resemble the typical 600, 900, or 1200 LED panels i'm using. Typically on Amazon the 600 LED light panel i'm using can run about $350 dollars (see it here on Amazon). As pointed out by Adam, if you're looking for the same 600s i'm using, there's a few good deals on eBay where you can get (2) 600 LED Video Light Panels + Light Stands for about $518
2-600-led-lights(click here)

Not quite sure what's mounted to the back of the Meking LED units, but I don't think it's a battery. They say they have a 15% sale for another three days, but could all be marketing. Find more info on these LED video lights at the Meking store (click here).

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  1. Austin

    Has anyone gotten any of the Meking lights and compared them to the ephoto lights? The Meking 900 LED is only $330 while the ephoto one is $450

  2. ride2bhi

    Anyone else have their ebay purchase canceled and refunded for the 2x600 LED light deal posted above? I ordered four and was told there was an accident and they refunded the purchase. Today when I went to the link the price had doubled! Just wondering if anyone else had similar dealings with the seller?

  3. Mcmillanroad

    I just recieved the 1000LED version of this today after an excruciating wait of around 10 - 11 days for shipping, and after paying 65.00 for shipping, it arrived BROKEN. There is a 6x6 area of LEDs that do not work. So I am investigating a return right now.

    Should have known the price was too good to be true.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @DigitalCyclops - They are made by different manufacturers and I think the newer 600/900/1200 versions output more light than the 500/1000s. It's also more expensive.

  5. Hmm. @Emm ... how do your 600's compare with the 'ol standby 1000LEDs? You said these are close to the 900's, but from what I understand, the newer 600's 900's 1200's kick out more light than the ol 500s and 1000s. True?

    I've primarily only used 1000's so would like to get a comparison.


  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Jared - Funny you ask. I have a full set of 900s and then purchased some additional 600s later. The 900s and 600s are almost the same size (height and width), and still have great light output (almost as much as 900). If you can afford to go with the larger, but if not, the 600s are just great too.

  7. Jared


    Would you recommend the 900's over the 600's just so you have the extra power if needed? Or do you find the 600's do the job just fine? I'm used to a 750w Rifa softbox, and would mainly be using the lights for interview situations.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @JG - the 600's have been out for a while now, and it's got a good reputation. I would go with the same 600s that I use. The deal for two is in the article and yes it works with V-Mount batteries (or the tekkeons that i'm using).

  9. JG

    hey Emm I'm on the market for some LED lights which ones shoud I go for? this new Meking or the ephoto 600??? i need to interveiew people and i might need to use batteries sometimes. BTW I coundn't find the 2 600's with stands for $518 do the 500's work with batteries?
    thanks Emm and im still looking waiting for the Palo Alto to be back in stock 🙂

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Lainol - The LED panels I use 600 + 900 only require 14V. That's one reason I didn't go with 1200 LED version. As seen here: httpss://

  11. Lainol

    Emm, how do you power the led panels with de tekkeon battery? This panels uses 24v, and I can see the tekkeon outputs 19v max

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - The CN version LED light panels i'm using now have less of a Green cast than the older 500 Fancier type. Not exactly perfect, but very minor.

  13. I'm in the market for a few LED lights. I picked up a "Fancier" 500 LED with a dimmer from Amazon, for around 200 shipped, and I think that's where they are still pricewise. The 500 version of the Meking come around $240 with shipping for the US. My fear with LED is that different batches have different color "temperatures," or in this case tints. I mentioned before that I bought an Aputure 160 on camera light, and that next to the Fancier 500 had a distinct green cast. Is there any discernible difference between the 600 LED lights you're using Emm, and the 500 I mentioned, other than the extra LEDs and the shape of the casing?

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Rod - I've been using the Tekkeon packs religiously. They've been used on several shoots, and we get about 1:20 minutes out of each one with full power. It's not only cheaper than V-Mount for me, but I use it to power so many other types of gear, so there's more than one purpose. Here's a video about it. httpss://

    Here you can see us using the LED panels under a freeway overpass for an interview. It's great to have all these lights without any outlets nearby.

  15. Al

    Dang I just recently bought a couple of Fancier ones, the ones with the manual switches on the backa and just the 110v connection. Slightly off topic, has anyone managed to power the 500's with only 110v with a battery pack and an inverter?

  16. Liam

    Will there be any problems with varying shutter speeds? Are these continuous leds?

    I get really bad flickering when using my Z96 with a 50fps & 1/100 shutter then conform to 25fps. It makes the shot unusable. (I'm in PAL land).


  17. What timing! I just received my 2x 500 and 1x 1000 from these guys. Not this model with the odd protrusion with AC & DC power but this model

    Living in the UK ephoto products are out of the question and so when I spotted these with a %20 discount I couldn't resist. Shipping took 8 working days, the packaging could have been better,

  18. Richy

    On the page for the 1200 LED there's something about being able to "purchase a power box at link below.", maybe an external power source?
    There's no sign of it on the page or in their store though.

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