Meike FC100 Macro LED Ring Light Flash

The battery powered Meike FC100 LED Ring Light can function as both a continuos light, or be switched to photography flash mode. If you're planning to use the flash mode on the light, it would be a good idea to get the one listed for your camera make / model. These lights are a good way to shoot Macro photo or video to have shadowless images with close-up products. The video above from YouTube member DioxCorp, shows this Meike FC100 is also capable of flat even continuous lighting to act as a fill light in short distances.

LED Macro LightLED Macro Ring Light
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10 thoughts on “Meike FC100 Macro LED Ring Light Flash

  1. Robert

    I bought this ring light to do macro photography of semiconductors. I paid $28 (US$26) for it on Australian ebay. The tiny manual is unreadable 'Chinglish' and worthless.

    The unit is cheap, it does flash, and it will continuously light an image but the flash light is uncontrollable.

    I'll keep the unit (who cares about $28?) but I'll look for something else.

  2. Acewinch

    Just got mine in the mail, doesn't work with my 24-105mm which is the only reason I bought the thing. Works alright with my 50mm 1.8 but I wish I knew this before buying. Still a pretty cool cheap light though.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Marq - There are tons out there, but most can't throw light very far. They are just used for close up macro shots. This one seems to have a bit of throw to it.

  4. Marq

    Excellent, was wondering about a hybrid LED video light and flash ring light last week! Is this the first of its kind, or have there been other ringflash & continuous LED combos?


  5. Thanks for this post. I will be buying this for my wife, who is in charge of the food photography for her blog. Seeing as someone else has had success with their 50mm (@Andrea), I feel a bit more confident. Does anyone know of any example photos with the light?

  6. Nathan F.

    Oh ok, thanks for the advice! @Andrea, So 40mm on a crop sensored camera is as wide as the ring light will allow before showing up on the sides? Also, if you were shooting video with the light, what were the lighting conditions of the shoot, iso, and f-stop used? Thanks in advance!

  7. Andrea

    I've got mine today, and its quite good. it won't work good on a so wide lens, I've used it with my Nikon D90 and a 50mm F/1.8 without issues. Running with the allpurpose 18-105, the inner ring stop showing up at about 40mm focal length, equivalent 60mm on my aps-c camera.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Nathan F. - Hmm, even if it can carry the weight, I think the Tokina 11-16mm might be too wide. The inner ring would show up.

  9. Nathan F.

    Wow thanks for bringing this product into the light! (no pun intended). This would be perfect for the kind of video that I do and for my budget. I'll be taking some video of some parties in the future and would love to see this light work with my t2i with a tokina 11-16 on a glidecam hd 1000. Do you think that this set up will be too heavy for the glidecam?

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