Meanest (or Silliest) Sony RX100 Rig

I've had a few inquiries about possible new LCD View Finders a.k.a Loupes for the new Canon 5D Mark III. I'm still not able to release much information, or full images, but here's some teaser images of one. I received this prototype LCD Viewfinder recently which aligns perfectly to pretty much most of my cameras as well as the new 5DM3.

One thing to mention is that the LCD Screen on the back of the 5D Mark III is just a bit wider than this new ViewFinder (soon to be released) but there's barely a crop. The special bracket designed on this new LCD Viewfinder moves forward / back / left / right / up / down, which allows it to align to a variety of different camera bodies such as the new T4i, 7D, 60D, 5D Mark II & Mark III, Nikon, and more.

photo 2

To show the flexibility, here i'm have it mounted with the new Sony RX100 camera (not directly). First I have the Sony RX100 mounted to a P&C Custom 717 Quick Release adapter so I can pull the camera off the entire rig quickly. The 717 Custom Plate also gives additional 1/4-20 threaded mounts (seen on right side) if I wanted to add a friction arm with LED light, Audio Recorder, Microphone, etc.

This new prototype viewfinder is mounted underneath the Custom 717 plate. Finally I have the P&C Pistol Grip mounted under the entire setup for easy handling and there's still a 1/4-20 threaded insert under the handle for an additional Friction arm. With the LCD ViewFinder attached, this gives me an additional point of contact for stabilization, and allows me to shoot in broad daylight.

717 Custom Quick Release Pistol Grip RX100
Could this be the Meanest RX100 Rig so far, or the Silliest? Yeah i'll go with the Silliest...

Some notes about this new Viewfinder not seen in the images. It folds up, so if you don't need the ViewFinder you can open it up into a sun shade. It's also designed with a quick release baseplate system. The entire ViewFinder can detach from this little rig by unlocking the knob on the left side (under the 717 QR knob). It has a Glass optical element, and built in Diopter. There's a few more snazzy features but I think I said too much... More to come later about the new ViewFinder so Follow me on Twitter.

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  1. Lee Mullen

    Why wont Carryspeed sell the VF-3 plate seperately so that it would allow the VF-3 to fit the GH1 and GH2?

  2. Van

    This is very similar to the rig I want to put together for my RX..

    Did the viewfinder cover the whole screen? And where all the buttons still accessible?


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  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Peter - Funny you asked, just received the final version yesterday. Will post something about it soon.

  5. Hey Emm,
    Shooting in bright daylight is almost impossible with the RX100. I get more reflection than anything, so I'm just keeping it in auto and hoping for the best.
    The polarizing filter came on Tuesday, so I am getting used to using that.

    So I have a hoodman, and a Zacuto eyepiece with a gorilla plate. But neither work properly with the RX100. I don't have the skills to build something to match things up for fitting properly.
    I even tried to swap out the hoodman eyepiece on to the gorilla pad. it's a smaller and lighter profile.. But it doesn't work either.
    A lot of gaff tape was used in this process.
    What's the deal with your LCD? I like that it folds up and it can also just be used as a shade protector. When is this thing coming out of the chute?
    Also, will you be offering new combos, once it does come out.

  6. jarrett towe

    Done and done. Getting it today. Well, as soon as I unload the Gini rig and hx9v! It would be interesting to see the low light video pushed to the point where the noise is starting to be a problem, then hitting it with Neat Video. Might be worth a stop or two!

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @jarrett towe - The image stabilization is great, and the low ISO noise is better than any other pocketable camera i've used. I actually own two now.

  8. jarrett towe

    1080p/60p only is not necessarily a bad thing...i would never have mismatched files for twixtor slo-mo, and i would never have mismatched frame rate/formats in general. All in all, sounds like a worthy successor (in spirit) to the hx9v...even though all Sony had to do was put the manual controls on the hx9v.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @jarrett towe - Only 1080/60p. You have the option to go full manual controls of shutter, ISO, aperture, and picture style. Highest format saves to .mts files like the other Sony cameras.

  10. jarrett towe

    So how about a thorough breakdown of the RX100 and its video capabilities? Or did I miss that? If so, my apologies.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - It does not come with the plate. You could buy any other quick release system. This one was made for those who needed a baseplate for their 717 Tripod.

  12. Rob

    Emm, does the P&C Custom 717 Quick Release adapter come with the plate to attach to the camera? In reading the product page it states it does not come the the 717 Fluid Head Plate. I know it is a newbie question. 🙂

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @RS - That's the base plate for the view finder. The View Finder attaches to the baseplate as a quick release system and a solid mount to the camera.

  14. RS

    I recently ordered and received my P&C Pistol grip today. Could I mount the 717 baseplate directly onto the pistol grip?

    It looks like there is some sort of other plate in between the 717 BP and the Platform of the pistol grip.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - Part of this blog is introducing new products, but every product regardless where you found it from will eventually have a revision. GoPro has a new HD hero 2, Sony announced the new RX100 shortly after the HX20V. If products don't change, then the company isn't seeking to improve themselves or offer a better product.

  16. Matt

    I have been playing around with my new RX100 for the past couple days, and I am very impressed with the video capabilities.

    One of the best things, which most people probably don't know about, is that this camera can focus extremely close allowing for a "macro" ability in photos and stills.

    Check out this little video I made showing the RX100 close focus abilities:


  17. Pharaoh

    Im not sure what was bad about the old Varavon Slider but I bought the new version of the 24" Varavon Slider Light and the mounting plate is either loose or has something wrong with it.
    It slides perfectly side to side, but even with a camera as small as the Canon S95, it isnt stable with regards to "front to back" movement.

  18. jarrett towe

    @Tony dont feel bad. we all got a serious case of induced brokeness. You're in good company. Be glad youre not out thousands on a camera body that turned out to not be what you expect. Without cheesycam, i would have never found great values like the hx9v, nex 5n, gini rigs, or the rx100!

  19. Tony

    @Emm - thanks. This is the final straw in being the first to jump on new things featured here. Got burned on so many things that get slight updates a few months later. Varavon slider,dolly, P&C 717 plates, etc. UGH!

  20. jarrett towe

    You forgot the cheap shoulder stock and the universal cokin holder that mounts to the bottom thread 😉 oh, and the P&C arms with a zoom h1 and small video light. Next up an 18" slider that coincidentally can be hung down and used as a makeshift smoothee.

  21. Steven


    That's the one!

    Anyway, hopefully there's one for the T2i.
    I'd love to stop dealing with magnetic sticky frames falling off.
    Post info about it asap.
    The CheesyCam community will love it!

  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Steven - There is one Varavon that uses a slip out style. The larger one with the mirror.

  23. @Emm

    Oh man. Wish my PnC adapters already had the holes 🙁 They cost a lot to ship overseas. Dunno if i can afford to buy more just for the holes but i love the idea.

    Anyway, Emm, you mentioned something about "barely a crop" on the 5d3 LCD? So does this mean that the new VF is still 3" and not 3.2"? 🙁

  24. slayer

    Emm, this new loupe, does it have a magnification factor, and if so, is it usable for video recording? I remember Nitsan saying that he hated the magnification in one of his reviews. Not sure whether to just get a loupe with no mag for video. Any thoughts?


  25. Tony

    I just checked my three P&C 717 QR adapters and none of them have 1/4-20 threaded holes on the side.

  26. Emm

    Post author

    @Steven - This uses a quick release base plate design and folds up like a sun shade, not like Zacuto. When you see better pictures, it will be more clear. Hopefully soon.

  27. peederj

    I'm using the little and light Barska handle and no VF. It clears the focusing ring, which is a problem for mounting the RX100.

    For your next trick, how about an EVF rig for the RX100? You need a way to get to the micro HDMI even though they put it smack next to the tripod mount. I found a longer 1/4-20 bolt that could manage, but that microHDMI is a fall out boy risk.

    My RX100 review including my suggested expert settings is up on Amazon:

  28. Steven

    This viewfinder looks similar to the zacuto. Hopefully it's a new P&C product in the making. Also, please make sure there's a version for the T2i screen size if you have anything to do with the planning/creation of this new LCD viewfinder. The CarrySpeed one is great and all, but it's becoming a bother more and more.

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