Manfrotto Replacement Pan Handle Locking Knob Video Head

Apparently this does happen, and it could happen to you. Right now, i've lost two of the locking knobs which fit the pan handle on the Manfrotto Video Heads 701HDV, and the one found on the 561BHDV-1 Video Monopod.

Manfrotto Knob Locking Pan Handle Video Head replacement Video Head Replacement knob for Manfrotto Video Head 701HDV 561BHDV

Luckily they do carry Manfrotto replacement knobs at B&H in case you happen to run into the same problem.

Manfrotto Replacement Pan Handle Locking Knob Video Fluid Head
find-price-button Replacement Pan Handle Locking Knob Manfrotto Video Head

If those little buggers are out of stock, you can always go for the entire Pan Handle part via Amazon (found here).

replacement pan handle manfrotto 701hdv
find-price-button Manfrotto Replacement Pan Handle for 701HDV Video Fluid Head

10 thoughts on “Manfrotto Replacement Pan Handle Locking Knob Video Head

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @VanWeddings - The tool works great, but make sure to unlock the clamp first. Tighten with the tool and then lock it again. I don't see why that wouldn't work.

  2. exact thing happened to my monopod. I still have the lever but the screw is missing. what I've found is that there are some advantages to just using the bare nut. for one, you don't have to worry about the lever turning into the bottom of the camera.

    a bigger problem with my 561 monopod is that the top stage doesn't stay locked tight anymore. I've used the plastic tightening tool that came with the monopod, as well as tightened the metal screw, but it's still not tight enough. pushing hard on the top stage of the monopod will cause it to slowly collapse down. any ideas on how to fix that?

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