Mail Bag – Friday


This is really getting out of hand. I haven't even touched Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or part of Thursday's mail bag and now it's Friday. I might be close to admitting that I have a serious problem of some type. I said 'close to admitting', i'm not ready to admit YET! LOL - Ok moving on, it's Friday and today's mail bag has a few nice items. One that i've been waiting on is the Redhead windscreens for the Zoom H1. After the Tascam DR-08 vs. Zoom H1 review i'll get to doing some Windscreen tests.

redhead-windscreens (1)redhead-windscreens (2)


6 thoughts on “Mail Bag – Friday

  1. i actually haven't bought anything that you haven't reviewed or approved in months, so I'm waiting to hear your review of redhead windscreen before i get one, but that windscreen that comes with the accesory pack just does not cut it at all.

  2. honestly, I really don't know how you do it. I've purchased about 1/25th of what you push on this site and I'm almost in the hole 10k.

    You must have a very understanding wife...

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