Magnifty LCD Magnifier

Here's a product some of you might find interesting, although I have to admit it's probably not too far off for DIY makers to craft up their own version. The Magnifty is a large Magnifier attached on 15mm rails magnifies the image on your LCD to help you get better focus. Other products like the Cinevate Cyclops or the Jag35 MonitorX offer the same method of magnifying the image into a large view, but attach directly to the camera's LCD.

Cinevate Cyclops and Jag35 MonitorX

The Magnifty uses 15mm rods to slide forward or back to adjust the magnification, and also offers a much larger view. One major benefit to using such analogue techniques is that you know you're getting the proper exposure and color from the camera's LCD than you would with most cheaper electronic Monitors. Of course if you work indoors, you don't have to think twice about it, but for outdoor use you should be cautious of your equipment. Check out the Magnifty at their eBay store following the link (click here).

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10 thoughts on “Magnifty LCD Magnifier

  1. Tony

    @Josh - Yep, I'm trying out the cheapo plastic "matte box wannabe" this weekend at an event. If I can get a different reaction and more "I'm on video!" postures, I'm gonna buy a REAL one! =) Another thing about a unit like this...most of us shooters are trying to get the weight as far back and towards the shoulders as possible for better stability. From the thumbnail frame in the video...that camera is OUT THERE! o_O But best wishes to you Mark, creative ideas always garner my respect.

  2. Mark Nichols

    In response to people worried about the sun: As the inventor I just wanted to let you all know that I've used it in the direct sun for two years without any issues at all. The warning is for people who are sort of oblivious to their own health. I've never had a single issue with my 5d either and have used the same one for the whole time. ~Mark Nichols

  3. I had made something similar to this with a Walmart magnifying glass and a case from an oatmeal container, I wanted to do something as the cyclops, works just as fine but super-big, if they would have added a kind of fabric such as an umbrella type fabric would have been safer and better to use.

  4. Tony I have the same exact problem! Everyone wonders why I show up with a "picture" camera instead of a "video" camera -___- I think I will get the Dmatte to solve this problem.

  5. David O'Shea

    Not a bad idea. Though the camera needs to be way out in front if your body. It'll get heavy after prolonged use...

  6. Tony

    My client's guest are already clueless to dSLR video. Thinking I'm taking their picture with their frozen poses. With this they'll think I'm legally blind also. =) I shoot straight-line rig with a T3i, so I like the added contact point with my LCDVF attachment.... $80 bux saved! lol

  7. Sales 101. If you're selling a VIDEO related item, you had better know how to make a quality VIDEO to sell your item. Especially at an $80 price point.

  8. stanperry

    the glass would be great for macro photography or video ... and if you reversed it and put the glass in front it could be dope ...

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