LowePro DSLR Video FastPack

Here's a great LowePro camera backpack design shared by Habez [Thanks Habez]. The DSLR Video fastpack was released more than 6 months ago, but it's pretty much set up for something I would use. I normally always carry a laptop (mobile blogging) and enough camera equipment to do a basic shoot including a small portable tripod. The LowePro FastPack 150, 250, and 350 are designed to hold a decent amount of Photo or Video gear for fast access. The largest 350 version is wide enough to support a 70-200mm Lens, and room to store a large 17" Laptop, along with Tripod holder and Rain Cover.
LowePro BackPackLowePro FastPack

Other highlight features

Security Flap for additional protection to outer compartments, Built-in Memory Card Holders, 180-degree Side-entry Panel, Adjustable Dividers, Triple Compartment Design, Harness Pocket, Outer Accessory Pockets, Mesh Side Pocket, Tough Water Resistant Outer Fabric, Side-entry Access. Starting at about $100 dollars for the smallest on Amazon (Click Here).

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6 thoughts on “LowePro DSLR Video FastPack

  1. BKPR100

    Co-sign on this one. Room for pretty much everything you need to run and gun, including a great little pouch to hold your chords etc.

  2. I bought the 350 and am currently using it on a trip to Vegas. A great and flexible bag that holds my 70-200 on camera and my 17" Dell laptop. Great bag for airline travel for just $105!

  3. Juan

    After checking different backpacks finally I bought the 350 last Christmas. I took it for several "small" shoots, or stills or video, plenty of room (including the 70-200 2.8. Also I took this backback for a shoot in Alaska last month and I'm very, very happy with it.
    I saw the smaller models, but I recommend the 350. You will not save a lot of money buying the smaller models and the size of the 350 is not huge. I'm a 6'2" guy and it feels very comfortable.

  4. Paul H

    I bought the 350 and took it with me on the airplane for a shoot recently, shoved it under the seat in front of me and I was able to pack 2 cameras, lenses, lights, batteries, cards, my jag35 austin rig, and a bunch of other cables and gear. Worked great.

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