Limited Time Discounts on FCP Plugins ends May 28th

Plugins can both save time and add creativity to your final project. Right now you can save a minimum of 60% off or up to 80% off FCPEffects plugins. Here's just two random ones i've chosen off their website (found here).

With 15 bokeh shapes and 45 presets to choose from, your Final Cut Pro X projects will be looking incredible in no time.

The HDR Plugin for FCP X is extremely versatile and easy to use so you can achieve that sought after HDR look in a matter of seconds.

"With Memorial Day coming, we're offering these awesome discounts to our customers. These codes will work on all of our products, until May 28 at midnight."

60% off any order with code: MEM60
70% off orders over $99: MEM70
75% off orders over $299: MEM75
80% off orders over $599: MEM80

Check out the list of plugins available the FCPEffects website (click here).

4 thoughts on “Limited Time Discounts on FCP Plugins ends May 28th

  1. tim morris

    THX!!! You are a wealth of information…keep up the work…
    I have been following your videos every since the your Wieldy Steadicam Review.
    I want the 3 axis gimbal by Silk…it is pricey. Are their any other gimbals that you would recommend that are not as expensive fro the GH-4.

  2. tim morris

    I download two plugins after purchasing them and now Final Cut will not stay open....veyr weird. Once I open the program it shuts down two seconds later. I have not downloaded the lateds software version "Mavericks"!! Final cur was working fine before the pulgin downloads.

    I deleted and reinstalled Final Cut...with no luck.

    Any advice.

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