Lilliput MoPro7 GoPro HERO3 HERO4 7″ HDMI X Sports Monitor

This new Lilliput MoPro7 X Sports HDMI Monitor has an internal rechargeable battery keeping the entire unit extra sleek. It can also be powered (or recharged) using the provided DC wall adapter. The MoPro7 comes with multiple backings so that you can use it as a normal HDMI monitor for framing, or swap the backing to enclose your GoPro HERO3 or HERO4 Camera.

With your GoPro HERO camera mounted, the internal MoPro7 battery will keep your GoPro charged up while feeding a live view to the large 7" screen. Although you can use the MoPro7 as a basic HDMI monitor, this certainly does not have the high end features such as peaking, false color, or waveforms. It's simply a neat addition that will help you expands the use of your GoPro HERO cameras making it easier to view exactly what the GoPro, while keeping the camera running longer. For mounting options, the MoPro7 X-Sports Monitor does have a 1/4" thread underneath.

lilliput mopro7 x sports monitor cheesycam reviewLilliput MoPro 7 GoPro Monitor HDMI cheesycam review
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8 thoughts on “Lilliput MoPro7 GoPro HERO3 HERO4 7″ HDMI X Sports Monitor

  1. Andrea

    I own a GH4 too. I just need a good framing hdmi monitor that I can color balance as close as possibile to what I see in my GH4. Is this a good option? I don't care about the GoPro option (even tho I might end up using it), but its light weight and price are very interesting. On the Lilliput website doesn't say anything about balancing and function... Can you do that or you just go with what the monitor gives you?

  2. Does anyone have any experience with 7inch monitors - that have HDMI *and* AV inputs - I'd like to get one I could use for both a DSLR viewer - but also to view AV inputs from remote quadcopter video...

  3. Goku808

    Emm, ah great points. Mainly want to use it for framing (though I have hit-n-miss success with Liliput stuff.. but can't beat the pricing!). Thanks again!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Goku808 - The screen is good for framing up a GoPro, but if you want to use something with the GH4, you should get something that at least can display good color and contrast. It will help you set better exposure and color for final production. This one doesn't have the features to get color and exposure good enough for video on the GH4.

  5. Goku808

    Howdy Emm, thanks for the great vid and instructional (as always). As I have had Liliput monitors in the past, I was just wondering about the screen itself to use with Panasonic GH4. I have the ipad option but wanted something that would be attached via HDMI. How's the screen quality?

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @tom reynolds - You'll often see people using an HDMI cable out from the GoPro to a larger monitor. Or sometimes they have a wireless transmitter hooked up to the GoPro to send a feed out to a live switch. The GoPro has become a very versatile camera. So while some may see it as an action camera, others may not see very much action with it.

    What makes the camera great (for me at least) is it's sharp 4K resolution, incredibly wide angle, ProTune (flat image), etc. It's not easy to find another camera (even basic point and shoot cameras) that offer this wide angle view, 4K resolution, flat image profile, etc. I don't really use it for action myself, but I do use it because of all it's other qualities. The wide angle is perfect for interior spaces, or close up shooting. The LCD is handy not just for a larger display, but also for extended battery life too.

    I know you say it's opposite of a GoPro, but what other camera could I invest in that has this wide angle view and 4K internal recording? My goto setup for this now is usually a mirrorless system with a fisheye lens, but that's both expensive and a lot more weight. Maybe it's a gimmick, maybe not. I guess it depends on the use.

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