Lilliput 7″ LCD with 5D Mark II Features

Lilliput 5D-II 5D-II/O LCD Monitor HDMI

Aries writes in with a new product being advertised as the latest 2012 7" LCD monitor from Lilliput. This new LCD from Lilliput claims to have better support for the Canon 5D Mark II resolution. In fact, the model for the LCD is actually called the '5D-II' (without HDMI out) or '5D-II/O' (with HDMI pass through). The LCD with sunshade folded down is a slim 31mm. [Thanks Aries]

LCD screen 31mmHDMI LCD 5D-II

Resolution is 1024x600 for 16:9 widescreen support. With the special 5D-II feature turned on, the display should go to full screen utilizing the entire 7" screen minus grey bars, and no video black out or delay when starting and stopping Video Recording. Seems like it's designed to handle the resolution drop to 480 output which sounds like it could work well with every other Canon camera that does the same (minus 7D). Hopefully it's a better screen than previous models, but no peaking, focus assist, or false color exposure stuff, pretty standard outside of the 5D-II feature. The rest of the information following the link (click here).

Lilliput 5D-II HDMI LCD Monitor
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  1. I contacted Lilliput - they gave me these directions and it worked perfectly!

    1. Please connect your monitor to your camera ,Press”BR1/M/SE”(it will be called 1st button ) 1 time .
    2. Twist “SAT”(it will be called 2nd button) to select “F “ FUNCTION PAGE
    3. Twist 1st button to select “FUNCTION ON R4(CONTRAST)”
    4. Twist 2nd button then twist 1st button to select “volume”then twist 2nd button to confirm on “volume”
    5. Press 1st button to exit .
    6. Twist “contrast(4th button ) to control volume .
    7. PRESS “BR1/M/SE” button to exit .
    8. The 4th button is for controlling volume .

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @John - Typically in the menu there is a volume option. It's may not be on the buttons.

  3. OK - so I have this and have been using it for about 5 months now. I rarely shoot with sound. I need to but when I connect my sound equipment to my camera's input and the HDMI cable to the monitor - I get sound coming out of the monitor's speaker and it feeds-back?!?! What's up with that?! How do I turn the monitor's speaker off?

  4. Andrew Ocean

    "the display should go to full screen utilizing the entire 7″ screen minus grey bars"

    The problem with this is that it also cuts off the aperature, shutter speed and other important information that you're going to want to see while filming.

  5. Gman

    I'm thinking of buying this Lilliput 5D-Ho 1080p from reading all your reviews
    is this a good buy or better to wait and see what comes next.....I'm not A Pro but learning to be

    Many thanks

  6. Max

    Would the 665GL-70NP/HO/Y be the next best thing for my 7d? It seems like the only things it is missing is a little lower contrast ratio and hdmi out, however it is brighter. Can anyone actually confirm that the 7d will do 1080 full screen with this model?

  7. Max

    Salmon is right, this does not do 1080 in fullscreen with the 7d. The only way is to switch to the 480p mode. What a piece of crap. I was really looking to playing with this and the new Magic Lantern release this weekend. Is this the only Lilliput with hdmi out besides the one with peaking? My greenscreen is smallish so it's nice for people to have a second monitor to make sure they stay inside the parameters.

  8. Protiusmime

    Can't help but put this one very neat thing in tonight: Procedure for 5dmarkii owners with the Lilliput 5d-ii/O/P monitor:

    Turn on your camera as usual.
    Turn on the Lilliput - if the 5d-ii LED button is not "ON", turn it on.
    Next, cycle through the Zoom control, through each step, x2 thru x8 and back to "Off".
    The 5d-ii LED will turn off as soon as you begin to cycle through the zoom levels.

    Viola: Your Lilliput will give you a 16:9 display exactly as your LCD on your Canon, including bottom and top data. Also, there will be no delay when going to Record. This condition will remain as long as your monitor is powered up. You only have to do this once per power-up.

    Note: I have reassigned my F2 button on the Lilliput to control Zoom.

    I realize that there are supposedly menu controls to turn on screen size to 16:9, etc., but as you will see, when using the menu screen or Aspect Ratio control, the screen size is not correct to show everything it should (like your Canon LCD). Possibly, I am overlooking something, but I have spent a lot of time working through what I thought were glitches with the monitor. So, if I need correcting, let me know. I am passing along what I am able to do and repeat consistently with this monitor.
    I love this display for brightness, contrast, color, and easier focusing. More on that tomorrow.

  9. Protiusmime

    For anyone considering the purchase of the Lilliput 5d-ii/O/P: This is the model with the HDMI output as well as peaking focus, zebra color, etc. tomorrow when I get finished with a review of this monitor on a Canon 5d mark II, I will write a full review here. I have discovered some very important (and good) operational facts about this monitor and think it will answer some questions that I find all over the web. It seems few people have purchased this monitor for DSLR, or, there just aren't many reviewing it. So... tomorrow, I will try to put a concise review here on this forum.

  10. Andrew


    From carmate1 (who claims to be lilliput, this is their website:
    "The lilliput factory try to program it with peeking function,I can send a return lable to you for full refund"


    "Some features of the monitors are only available for newer versions. For ourselves we have not yet begun to sell the 5D-ii monitor because we are awaiting stock from our supplier ourselves. It is possible that you may have been sold a lower grade version which are unfortunatly plaguing ebay at this time."

    I spoke with carmate1/Lilliputweb today and she said that after they sent me out the monitor they learned the factory had not yet been successful at programming the chip for peaking and they do not know when it will happen. I contacted them Sat about the matter and still their auction claims the unit has focus peaking...

    They are sending me a return label with option for full refund or an exchange. I'll try and remember to report back on whether they keep their end of the bargain.

  11. Andrew

    Bought this from carmate1 on ebay. Interestingly, the UPS manifest says shipped from Lilliput Electronics (USA) Inc. Offered at $235 buy it now, or make an offer. Seller accepted $210.

    Haven't had much time with it but one thing that is alarming up front is Focus Peaking is not present in the monitor, nor described as an option/button in manual... but even worse, it KILLS focus peaking baked in to my Sony NEX 5N! Soon as I switch on the monitor the focus peaking that was showing on camera LCD is absent in the feed/display on the monitor. So I'm double screwed--promised feature of monitor, guaranteed feature on camera but neither available.

    Sent a message to carmate1 from ebay and awaiting reply but this thing goes back if it turns out it is not simply a matter of defective unit. Will update later.

  12. aonomus

    Update to the above:

    - Found the brightness setting: left/right keys allow you to change the brightness, though no contrast setting exists.
    - Found that it is very easy to get feedback from the on-monitor speaker + nearby microphone under certain circumstances (nearby objects).
    - I may try hacking the monitor so that I can add a manual switch for audio... though it might be worth it to nag Lilliput to add a simple menu feature for audio mute.

  13. aonomus

    I just ordered this monitor off of eBay myself, though I bought the non-HDMI pass through version for a little cheaper.

    Its pretty lightweight, though it does have a plasticky feel to it. The bottom 1/4"-20 mount is a small plate of thicker steel, while the side mounts seem to be cheap hex nuts jammed into the plastic housing. On mine they seemed to thread poorly and cause the casing to spread apart as the hex nut rotated once cross-threaded. There is no top-mount to the monitor, though you can flip the image in the on-camera menu. It would have been much better if all 4 sides had a 1/4"-20 mount, all made of steel instead of some flimsy nut jammed inside the casing.

    In response to peederj, I have a F970 battery on the back and I can shake the monitor up and down without the battery or plate falling out or coming loose. I have to basically tap the monitor against my leg or hand to jerk the battery loose.

    There are 4 assignable function buttons which are pretty handy. The display has no brightness/contrast settings, though it has R,G,B intensity values that you have to tweak independently. I used my camera (Canon XA10) with SMPTE colour bars to calibrate the colour settings to be as close as possible to what is in-camera.

    Other notes:
    - The 1:1 mode is handy, however when you enter/exit 1:1 mode, you have 2-3 seconds of blue-screen while you wait for the display to switch modes. This is bearable under most circumstances for me but might irk others more.
    - The monochrome/R/G/B modes are nice for calibration as well.
    - The 5DII mode does distort the video feed coming from a camera that outputs 1920x1080 at all times, so for regular cameras it unnecessary.
    - The sun hood seems like a nice touch, as it doubles as a screen protector and seems more sturdy and at least marginally more professional than a velcro or gaff tape + cardboard deal.
    - The rear has 4 screwholes for a VESA mount, though you cannot use the battery with this unfortunately.
    - The monitor has a tiny built in speaker, though I couldn't find volume/mute controls for it (only noticed it when I used the colour bars + tone on my camera).
    - Would have been nice to include a 4 pin XLR on the back for power, especially for anyone that might migrate from the 667.

  14. peederj

    Here is my Amazon review:

    This review is from: Lilliput 5dii-ho 1080p 7" TFT LED Field Monitor with Hdmi in and Output +Shoe Mount+mini Hdmi Cable (Electronics)

    Great deal, but there is a lot of button pushing

    This screen is very good for the money. The BIOS in it is much better implemented than their prior 668. What I've found is there is a workflow that will have to be followed to use this best on various Canon cameras, and really this isn't Lilliput's fault so much. It's Canon's fault for the time being, putting out clean HDMI at full resolution while filming shouldn't be nearly as hard as Canon is making it out to be.

    In any case, I found that the "5D-II" feature was useful during filming with the T2i, but it was not needed for the T3i. But before recording (when composing and focusing) on the T2i, the 5D-II feature would distort the screen proportions, and you will have to turn the button on and off manually if you want full screen view in both situations. But, you can use pixel-for-pixel to focus on the T2i prior to recording and the image will no longer distort when zoomed that much. I did not try it on the 5D or 7D or 60D to see what that would do.

    Sadly, this one doesn't seem to have the old DVI workaround to the screen blanking at the start of recording. So you will suffer 3 seconds of blue screen every time you start recording, at least on the 550D/600D that I tested.

    The color I have not calibrated but out of the box it didn't seem outstanding. Brightness was good. I guess having unflattering color may make you work harder on the set which may not be a bad thing.

    I liked the sunshade/screen protector even though it is flimsy and feels like it could break. I don't think it will break given how careful I am with lenses etc. This is a lot better than those fabric/velcro sun hoods, and you just about always want a sun hood.

    The included ~1.5ft HDMI cable and cold shoe mount are nice. There are battery plates, I forget the others but I am using the Sony F970 plate. It does not have a catch clip on it so it might suffer from the legendary problem of the battery slipping out if the display is inverted. Still waiting to receive my batteries to test that.

    I haven't tested the HDMI pass thru output but it is definitely nice to have for a little more dough.

    It's nice and lightweight and cheap and one can only hope that Canon comes out with cameras that better support live external monitors for video. But even if not this is still a worthy assistant for the money and will help support focus pullers, directors, etc.

  15. Amos Kim

    I found this text from the ebay seller's FAQ about the monitor:

    1. Will the ability to shoot fullscreen and the other features you call "5D-features" work with other cameras such as the Canon 60D, 600D or 550D?

  16. Carlos

    salmon, doesn't the 7D output HD signal already ? Without the use of the 5D Mark button? Seems like it’s designed to handle the resolution drop to 480 output which sounds like it could work well with every other Canon camera that does the same (minus 7D).

  17. Salmon

    I have received this monitor today and i have very sad news to share with you guys, its not compatible with 7D.

    video from 7d is not full screen, live feed covers just the centre part of monitor, i bought this monitor thinking it would be improvement over the last models but i think they have just ignored all the other cameras and made it only for 5D.


  18. John

    Will the features like fullscreen be available for 60D, T3i, T2i in 1024x600 or will that only be the case with the 5D?

  19. SimonL

    I got in touch with someone at Lilliput and I may be able to get a sample product of the monitor, but it's almost the same price. I am a bit worried, it's still quite a lot of money for a student.
    All Magic Lantern features are expected to be working perfectly.
    I am a bit surprised this product did not get more interest from low-cost DSLR guys.

    Maybe we could make a combined payment for it and the one who gives the highest % of the price receives it and gets to review it ?

  20. Mano

    focus peaking features? Would be nice but...

    The non-HDMI-out version is $239, and you can "Make Offer".

    Given that it has over/underscan, zoom, 1024 res, sunshade, HDMI out $10 more, 800-1 contrast (claimed) etc, color me impressed.

    I just wish some brave sole would jump in and buy then review it to check out the quality of the screen **hint**

  21. austin

    Seems nice but I could really use some focus peaking features, would really help. I think magic lantern has it but was never a fan of magic lantern because of all of the work that i heard has to be done.

  22. I been using this what make is not blank
    is the fact that the paired up the DVI mode to the HDMI
    Port. It' seem that many of the 5d owner's don't about that
    putting our when Lilliput made these LCD then is 5yer's ago for the cars that was standard to have DVI_Mode on the Board so it's all good guys

  23. SimonL

    I sent a mail to Lilliput and just received answers to my questions :
    Yes, this model has HD color bars and monochromatic modes blue-, red- and green-only. And apparently that's what they meant by "Check Field".

  24. Tony

    Does Magic Lantern features show up on the HDMI out? I was actually in the market for a budget monitor for long lecture gigs.

  25. SimonL

    @Brandon - The CLM V55, as you may know, is smaller. The V55 has focus peaking and pixel to pixel mode but does not stretch the image at full screen while recording, when you press Record it blinks for approx. 1.2s and then displays a centered, smaller picture. Both monitors have a jack output, but the Lilliput has an HDMI input AND output, this is a great feature. I think the real difference will be color and brightness. I wouldn't dare to trust the colors and brightness on the Lilliput, on the other hand the V55 is a Sony product, is more expensive and has 3 settings for calibration (no blue-only, though).

    This new monitor could be a great option (and even more with a Canon+MagicLantern camera), there are still things in the eBay description that I don't really understand.
    "Color Bar" : rec709 color bars with pluge signal ? Maybe even blue-only mode ?
    "Check Field" : check depth of field ? somehow related to focus peaking ?

  26. cool. 7" is too big for my taste though.

    Emm, the no-blank-out feature might be because it keeps the image low res the entire time. I think this is one of the features of the 5" monitor from Lilliput, but simply being advertised as a new feature.

    love the crop though, sounds awesome.

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