Lighting Passport iOS iPhone iPod LED Spectrometer Light Meter

An interview with Luc from Allied Scientific Pro about the Lighting Passport Smartphone LED Spectrometer. This light meter connects to your iPhone / iPod Touch via bluetooth and can capture, save, and share results better than any other LED spectrometer on the market today.

More information about the LED light meter can be found at the Allied Scientific Pro website (click here).

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Lighting Passport iPhone / iPod Touch Smartphone LED Light Meter

5 thoughts on “Lighting Passport iOS iPhone iPod LED Spectrometer Light Meter

  1. Hello Howard,

    Thank you for your interest.

    You'll find numerous people favor the Lighting Passport Spectrometer for the same reasons you have listed.

    The Measurement Capability for the Standard Set is as follows: CCT, CRI, CQS, Illuminance, Foot Candle, CIE 1931, CIE 1976, Spectrum Diagram, C78.377-2008, IEC-SDCM, λp, Re(R1-R15), R1-R15, λD, Purity, Duv, and SP Ratio.

    The Standard Set allows 6 more measurement capabilities than the Essence Set. They are Re(R1-R15), R1-R15, λD, Purity, Duv, and SP Ratio.

    Apart from the measurement capabilities our Standard Set comes with additional clip for your Smartphone and a stand.

    Feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'll send you the additional information that you desire.



  2. Howard


    When you have time I have a few questions. I am looking for a color meter and am holding off on buying a Sekonic C-500.

    It seems to be simple to operate and I can easily find out what gel or filter to use to correct the light source that I want to match.

    However it bugs me that the C-500 looks like repackaged old technology and is waaay over priced.

    I have an iPhone 5 and am wondering how your color meter compares to the C-500. For instance does your unit give me readouts and suggest which Roscoe gels or Lee Filters to use?

    What is the difference between the "Essence" and the "Standard" units that you are selling.

    Thank-you. Please feel free to contact me via email. I am looking forward to your comments and recommendations.


  3. Joe Wallack

    Very cool device. I especially like how slick and compatible it is. I attended the Light Fair in Vegas at the beginning of June and had the privilege of being shown a demonstration of the Lighting Passport. I'll definitely be purchasing a couple in the near future as our budget isn't focused on them at the moment. I look forward to owning one. Thanks for the video cheesy cam.


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