Lighter Strap Options

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I find it weird that some people still keep the OEM straps on their cameras. It might be great for a tourist type outing, but it's not very comfortable for professionals. Most people end up replacing it with different straps such as the BlackRapid R-Strap. If you must have a strap, try something smaller like the basic handgrip strap that makes it easier to grip the camera while shooting. It's cool, but it does require to mount under the camera which doesn't work well when moving to video rigs like Tripods, Sliders, Shoulder Rigs, or Steadicams. This strap works great for photos and videos, but uses the tripod mounting hole on your camera.

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This little strap is much more practical. This is small, out of the way, and a more simple design used to give you a hand strap without taking up the space of the Tripod mounting hole.

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