LIBEC ALLEX S Tripod + Video Fluid Head + Slider Kit

Shortly after you pick up your first video camera, you're shopping for a tripod. The next common piece of equipment for video makers looking to add dynamic camera movements would most likely be a slider. At this point, you may end up finding out the tripod you purchased doesn't quite work well with your new slider, and you may end up still on the hunt for a decent video head to mount 'above the slider'.

Libec Video Tripod Fluid Head Slider ALLEX S Kit
Libec ALLEX S Kit Fluid Head + Slider + Tripod

From my understanding, this is one reason LIBEC has created the ALLEX Kit. This is a combination of popular video equipment designed to work seamlessly together offering you Pan, Tilt, and Slide camera movements. The 'base' ALLEX Kit includes a 75mm Bowl Tripod, 75mm Bowl Video Fluid Head (which can also mount on a 3/8" flat base), and a new 8 roller bearing video slider. The equipment can be mixed and matched or used independently. We had a chance to take these products out to show you how this system comes together.

The ALLEX T aluminum 3 section 75mm bowl tripod comes with a mid-level spreader collapses down to 29.5 and and reaches a max height of 64.5". The tripod has wide rubber foot pads with integrated spikes to prevent sliding on dirt, gravel, or grass. Included is a padded carrying case with shoulder strap.

rubber pads spiked feet allex tripod

The ALLEX H Video Fluid Head is a 'Dual Base' that mounts to both a 75mm bowl or a standard 3/8" flat base. There is a fixed counterbalance, illuminated bubble level, and holds a 9 lb payload. The fluid head also uses a drop-in style quick release plate which can be especially helpful when using rigs (cages, shoulder rigs with handles, 15mm rails, follow focus, matteboxes).

drop in plate allex libec fluid head video

The ALLEX S Slider uses 8 greased ball-bearing wheels (4 top / 4 bottom) and can support a max load of 33 lbs. Tabletop legs allow the slider to be used on the floor and leveled with independent height adjustable feet. The carrier includes a tension adjustment knob, brake knob, and bubble level. The slider shares the same dual-mount as the Video Head which can be placed on a 75mm bowl tripod or directly to a standard flat base with 3/8" thread. A padded carrying case with shoulder strap is also included.

Libec Allex slider 8 bearings

The ALLEX S Kit will especially appeal to early shooters looking to put together a nice combination of sturdy Tripod, smooth pan/tilt Video Head, and smooth roller bearing video Slider. The system offers great quality, travels neatly, easy to assemble, and easy to break down. For more specs on the LIBEC ALLEX S Kit, check out the product page (click here).

Libec Allex Slider Tripod Video Fluid Head Kit System 2
find-price-button LIBEC ALLEX S Tripod + Fluid Head + Video Slider Kit


6 thoughts on “LIBEC ALLEX S Tripod + Video Fluid Head + Slider Kit

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @James - I've actually been using it quite a bit, especially for my BlackMagic Production 4K rig. I needed a tripod with a 'drop-in' plate because I can't slide my rig 'in to' a head. So the Libec has been perfect for that. Plus the bowl mount head makes it easy to level the camera without fussing on the legs. Here's a BTS image with the Libec just days ago (lower right):

    Throwing on the slider is a breeze, and I know i'll always have a fluid head available. That's how the system works, very simple and straightforward. Great for speedy production.

  2. James

    It's been a few months since this post. Are you still using it - or have you run into anyone that is using it? Reactions? Has it shown durability?

  3. J Toha

    @Emm - Yeah that's one option for sure. Another one I was thinking of is to carry 2 tripods to support both ends of the slider, which will ensure solid stability. Just that carrying 2 tripods is still a big hassle since I'm a one-man show most of the time.

    This Libec combo is promising indeed. Perhaps a better upgrade path than going Manfrotto 502HD head-only while retaining my 190cx3 tripod.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @J Toha - The 717 head can't support as much weight as the head in this Libec kit. Also the tripod Libec offers spreads pretty wide with a mid-level spreader. Also this slider only has 28" of travel so it's probably not as long as your Konova.

    One quick fix is to add a light stand at one of your slider with a sandbag. If you don't want to carry a sand bag, then use two light stands (one at each end) along with your tripod in center, but that's extra stuff to fuss with, probably not worth it.

  5. J Toha

    Emm, based on your experience in using the combo, does the slider wobble a bit as the camera travels near its edge?
    I have experienced this when using konova slider paired with weifeng 717ah fluid head and manfrotto 190cx3 tripod.

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