Level it Out – Manfrotto 438 Ball Level Head

Shooting on a tripod is the most stable shot you can perform, but moving that Tripod from one place to the next and leveling it out can be tedious depending on the system you're using. Not many people are even aware this adapter exists, so here's the post. You've got that fancy tripod with a long neck to give you a bit of extra height but it comes 'without' a Ball head. Getting that thing lined up to the horizon is a task, especially if you've already got a ton of weight mounted on the fluid head. Instead of locking, unlocking, lowering, and raising each leg to get a perfect level, you can try the Manfrotto 438. It's a hefty fee (very hefty), but for those who feel the pain, the Manfrotto 438 Ball Level adapter sits in between the video tripod and the standard 3/8" threaded fluid head. This little gizmo will give you more flexibility in that final leveling adjustment. It's also a perfect solution for those DIY's that lack any type of leveling adjustments from DIY cranes, to DIY sliders, and compact skate dollies.

find-price-button Manfrotto 438 Compact Ball Level Adapter

3 thoughts on “Level it Out – Manfrotto 438 Ball Level Head

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  2. Dude, you must have ESP or something. This is something I needed, but didn't know existed. I have a set of Manfrotto carbon sticks that I got for my still photography. I added a 501 head for my B cam when I do video, but the lack of a bowl always frustrated me. This 438 probably saved me a bunch of money, as I was starting to look at another set up for light travel.

    I also have an old Vinten tripod and head that I picked up 2nd hand (for my A cam). It's a beast, but incredibly stable, and super smooth. The floor spreader and bowl make setup a snap. But, it is a pain to carry, so I don't use it for more casual shoots or personal projects. Your pointer to the 438 adds a new level of utility to my Manfrotto rig - I won't need to cuss at the bubble level any more!

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