Learn Fusion Visual Effects with Davinci Resolve for $5.99

Sure, there's a million tutorials available online, but sometimes you just need a well written organized book by your side to get the most of out of an application. So if you're looking to learn Fusion in Davinci Resolve for adding additional effects in your basic edit with Fusion, there's a great deal on the official e-book for the Kindle app at just $5.99 right now (found here).

Learn Fusion Visual Effects with Davinci Resolve

While you can do quite a bit of 3D and tracking in other applications such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe does require an indefinite monthly subscription - which adds up over time. Davinci Resolve is a one time price (buy it here). Even if you're editing in something like FCPX, Resolve is still worth owning. The full version includes important plugins such as Noise Reduction, Deflicker, and Motion Blur (which you would have to pay for a seperate plugin anyways). Since Davinci Resolve offers everything from Editing, Color Grading, VFX, Audio Editing, etc there's plenty of reasons it's worth a purchase.

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This video is part of the official Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 15 training series and will teach you how to use the Fusion page in DaVinci Resolve to create visual effects. Designed with help from certified trainers and professional visual effects artists, this video teaches you the fundamental concepts of the Fusion interface and its node based toolset. You’ll learn how to composite images, track objects, blend and merge layers, pull keys, work with 2D text, and use the paint tools.

If you're not familiar with the Kindle App, you just download it onto your smartphone or Tablet through the App store. Once you make a purchase on Amazon for an e-book, it automatically syncs with your installed Kindle App. All of the books you've ever purchased remain there in your account. So even if you're not ready to dive head into Fusion, it might still be a good idea to grab it at this sale price.