Kreis LED Ring Light Surfaces


So the elusive Kreis90 LED Ring light finally surfaces. I first blogged about it in this article but have never seen it outside of that video. Don't get too excited, it's probably nothing special. I don't know a single person who uses this, nor have I ever seen a video of this in use by anyone (except for the manufacturer video). The Kreis website pretty much sucks and just trying to find prices is a pain.

For an LED Ring light, it seemed easier to just buy the 352 LED Ring light that i've been using found here I guess one benefit would be that it's just smaller, lighter, and cheaper. It can be battery powered, and yes dimmable, but only to about 50%. Effective? Who's to say. If anyone cares that it really does exist, there's more information on the auction page.

find-price-button Kreis90 LED Dimmable Ring Light

One thought on “Kreis LED Ring Light Surfaces

  1. We actually bought the Kreiss light shipped from overseas, it works good, the charge isn't the greatest, and the dimmer and charge light both failed on it I have it about a year. outside of that its a pretty decent build, but not as strong as I would like you have to be pretty close otherwise its OK.

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