Konova Upgrades and Crank Handle Video Series

Konova released a series of videos showing off some of the update kits available for their current sliders. One video gives a sneak at how their new Crank handle will attach to existing sliders. Oh and yes it was pointed out that they incorrectly spelled Crank handle to 'Clank Handle'. Hopefully they correct that soon. [Thanks Kelly]

Konova sliders and upgrade parts can be found online (click here)
find-price-button Konova Sliders, Upgrade Legs, and Crank System

7 thoughts on “Konova Upgrades and Crank Handle Video Series

  1. I'm definitely going to want the crank update to get more consistent shots - I have the old legs.. I'm assuming I'd need to get the full leg update too so the crank ends have that notch to slide into? I hope not to have to spend over $100.

  2. It looks awesome! Any idea of when it will be released and how much it will be? Or is it already out there and I just can't find it? Thanks!

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