Kingjoy VT-3510 55 Dollar Video Head with Manfrotto 501 QR Compatible Plate

If you haven't heard about the Kingjoy VT-3510 Video Head, it's a damn close version of Manfrotto's popular 701HDV (now discontinued). So much that the pan handles are interchangeable between the two heads, but of course the best part is that the Kingjoy is VT-3510 is compatible with Manfrotto's 501PL QR plate. Here's a closer look at this video head in the video below.

I've also included a gallery of images comparing the Manfrotto 701HDV next to the Kingjoy VT-3510 Video head so you can see the close resemblance.

While this head may not be as smooth as the original 701HDV, the build is sturdy and perfect for tripods that are often set aside for a static angle, mounted to the end of a jib, used on a skater dolly, or even placed on a slider. All while still offering the compatibility of a Manfrotto 501PL plate.

You'll typically find the Kingjoy VT-315 for over $100 dollars or sometimes listed as a Kenro Video Head (as seen here). The big news here is that the one I received was from a listing for JUST $55 Dollars + FREE Shipping. There's only just a couple left, and I think it's safe to say that after this blog post it will sell out quick. Most likely they won't be available for this $55 Dollar Price again (find it here).

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find-price-button KingJoy VT3510 Pro Video Fluid Head w Manfrotto 501PL Compatible Plate

If that item has completely sold out, here's an eBay link to more VT-3510 Video Heads, though I don't think you'll find quite the deal I got.

kingjoy vt3510 vt-3510 kenro pro fluid video head manfrotto
find-price-button More KingJoy VT3510 a.k.a Kenro Pro Video Fluid Heads

11 thoughts on “Kingjoy VT-3510 55 Dollar Video Head with Manfrotto 501 QR Compatible Plate

  1. Scott

    Tried to Best Offer this to another ebay ad, but was turned down with a counter-offer at 135. 🙁

  2. Andy L

    Prices are slightly different for me in Australia.
    Converted the Kingjoy would cost me US$76 versus the Benro S4 US$120.
    What am I getting for the extra money? Better feel?

  3. Elburke

    since this one is sold out, can you recommend another cheap head that uses 501PL plates?

  4. Andy L.

    I picked up the Sirui video monopod you recommended and am now considering a fluid head to match.
    Would you recommend this Kingjoy or a Benro S2 head?

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob S. - Yes that's why I mentioned at $120 it's probably not a good buy. At $55 bucks FREE SHIPPING, this was a steal!

  6. Rob S.

    Sounds like a nice head for the money. At the higher price, you can get a used Benro S4 which is also very similar to the 701.

  7. Craig

    And they are gone. An advantage of getting up at 7am is you get one of the last 5. This should work great on my slider. Thanks.

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