Kamerar’s QV-1 LCD ViewFinder for the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera BMPCC

It's quickly coming around 2 years since the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera was announced at NAB 2013, but with the recent firmware upgrades and lack of competition for a pocketable camera that is capable of RAW video for under $1K, it's still a very popular choice. Better late than never, Kamerar has finally decided to release a dedicated LCD ViewFinder for the BMPCC Camera.

Similar to previous QV-1 versions, the LCD ViewFinder attaches magnetically to a special baseplate that is a similar width to a Manfrotto 701PL plate. The QV-1 LCD VIEW FINDER FOR BMPCC, folds up to see an entire view of the BMPCC screen without crops or obstruction and full access to menu buttons.

QV1BMPCC07_large QV1BMPCC08_large

The Dovetail quick release plate does not obstruct the battery door, and offers both a 3/8" and 1/4" female thread for you to add virtually any other type of QR plate or direct tripod mount.

blackmagic kamerar lcd view finder

The Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder for the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera #BMPCC is available now, and more information can be found at https://PNCGear.com (click here).

QV1BMPCC02_large QV1BMPCC10_large
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13 thoughts on “Kamerar’s QV-1 LCD ViewFinder for the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera BMPCC

  1. Kamerar have released a new BMPCC cage, but unfortunately, this viewfinder can't be added with the cage on?!

    What a cop-out!

    What I wanted to know was if you could add the Kamerar cage with the Varavon Multifinder Uni?

    If anyone knows the answer let me know and reply!

    Thanks CheesyCam, will you get a chance to review the Kamerar bmpcc cage and maybe try the Varavon Multifinder Uni with it?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @ant - You can remove the metabones tripod adapter and then it will work. Of course if you remove the tripod adapter you may not want to tripod mount the bmpcc with a very very heavy lens.

  3. ant

    so please tell us will it work with meatabones speedster and will it work with nikon lens .. this is importantto know otherwise this thing is dead already 🙁

  4. Worst of all, it doesn't solve one of the biggest problem with the BMPCC... The poor quality of its LCD screen. You need an external monitor or EVF just to get proper focus in bright conditions.

  5. Fabio

    Not very smart if it doesn't work with speedbooster, considering how many are using it (I think half users)

  6. Andrei Valentsov

    WHY did kamerar released this wonderful viewfinder (I was waiting for it for 16 months!) with this stupid Manfrotto plate? How am I gonna use it with my cage now?

    Anyway will probably buy the product, cut the goddamn magnet and just stick it to my camera somehow...

  7. This looks like an excellent product with one major design flaw. It doesn't look like it will work with any rig that has a cage for instance i have the Tilta cage. If i am wrong please prove me wrong and i will definitely buy one.

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