Kamerar Pico Plate Combo Kit – Create Articulating Accessory Mounts

Announced earlier this morning via their newsletter. Here's a handy little tool that can offer flexible mounting solutions on your DSLR Video Cages / Rigs. The Kamerar Pico Plate is a small accessory mount that clamps to any standard 15mm rail. Think of it as a tiny cheese plate with 1/4" threaded holes.

find-price-button Kamerar Pico Plate Mini Accessory Mount 15mm Clamp

With a single plate mounted above the Honu Cage, i'm able to add a basic set of 15mm handles to my cage. The horizontal 15mm rail also opens up more options for mounting additional accessories.

Cheesycam Pico Plate Honu Cage Handles GH4 Video

By using two Kamerar Pico Plates in combination with a 15mm rail, you can attach one to any DSLR Video Cage and create a simple yet solid tilting accessory mount. Available in a single unit or combo (2 pcs + 15mm rail) following the jump (click here).

Kamerar Pico PlatePico Plate PNCGear Accessory Mount
find-price-button Kamerar Pico Plate Mini Accessory Mount 15mm Clamp

10 thoughts on “Kamerar Pico Plate Combo Kit – Create Articulating Accessory Mounts

  1. thomas

    Hi I just bought a pico plate in order to fix my zoom H4N, but the screw is a little bit longer to fix properly the H4N

  2. Olm

    Nice accessory, I just got the kit yesterday. The quality of finish is quite ok, nothing to complain about that and the items were very neatly packaged. I would have liked to have matte black rods instead of shiny metallic color as an option, but I can always use other ones. I guess these will hold nicely a H6 or a field monitor and might have all kinds of usage that I can't think of right now!

  3. Marc B

    I've been looking for something like this to attach my heavy-ish Marantz recorder to my cage without breaking the banks. Thanks for the tip!

  4. pepe

    Emm can you recommend an easy to fold HDMI cable? the ones I got are so hard I can't tidy it up around the rig

  5. another cool accessory from kamerar. recently got their viewfinder and it's well built and thought out for a fraction of the cost of the zacuto equivalent.

  6. terry_mickie


    Is that one of the P&C eye loupes on a Atomos Ninja 2 above? Which model is it? I'd like to pick one up.

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