Kamerar Extender Adapter for DJI OSMO

Normally to get your DJI OSMO up high, people are attaching the entire unit to the end of an extension pole. Completely functional but it does position all of your joystick controls away from the operator and adds more weight to the end of your pole.

Kamerar has a different approach and has designed a simple but useful Extension Adapter to quickly get those shots up high, down low, and would allow you to mimic those sweeping jib shots with ease. Here's a quick overview video of the DJI OSMO Extender by Kamerar.

Again, the benefit to this adapter for your DJI OSMO is having all of the native controls in the palm of your hand, and less weight to manage at the end of your extension. The Kamerar Extender Adapter for the DJI OSMO starts shipping in a few weeks, pre-orders available now (click here).

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10 thoughts on “Kamerar Extender Adapter for DJI OSMO

  1. This will come in handy for event venues where drones are banned, which is an ever increasing list. Despite the obvious reach limitations, I think using a basic 6-foot ladder you could at least replicate what might look like about four seconds of a drone shot. I just worry about how long assembly on/off takes considering weddings are pretty run-n-gun

  2. mowoco

    I just got an Osmo and this extender yesterday. The Osmo works fine, but when I sub in the Kamerar extender, I get all functions but no (black screen) video. ISO and shutter speed, other data shows up (3200, 1/60, 2.8 what you'd expect from a black image). Wonder if my unit is defective?

  3. Kevin

    Love the concept but would be great if the pole was collapsible for easy packing and travel.

  4. Ronnyg1dc

    I've put my osmo on a light stand and just use the app. The physical control is more sensitive, but the remote access of the app is great

  5. Post author

    @Kevin - I would think that would be difficult as you still need to
    power the camera and gimbal motors. It takes a good amount of power so even if you could remotely place the Camera, you would end up with a battery the size of the normal handle. In that case you would just place the whole OSMO somewhere and control it through phone app.

    But if you're talking about a wired solution, then yes you can remotely place the head somewhere while everything is remotely controlled and powered over an extension cable back to the handle.

  6. Kevin

    Ask them if they have any kind of wireless solution in the works. If they have the pin out all figured, it might be useful to be able to stick the camera and gimbal somewhere and keep the handle and phone mount in hand.

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