Kamerar Brightcast Variable 15 Bi-Color Flexible LED Light

Here's an LED video light that has quickly become one of my favorites and i'm sure many of you may find useful. Especially because of it's design that makes traveling with a set of lights easier than ever.

The Kamerar Brightcast Variable 15 is a Bi-Color LED light that is flexible, rugged, and carries an IP67 Dust and Waterproof panel. The thin folding panel is lightweight, compact, and can be battery powered - making them extremely convenient and fast to setup.

The Kamerar Brightcast Variable 15 carries a 97 CRI rating, offers strong output, and bi-color temperature adjustment. Power cables allow the panel to operate away from the frame so that you can use them in much more creative ways you would not be able to do with traditional 1x1 panels.

The Kamerar Brightcast Variable 15 panels can also be joined together (using an optional adapter) to make a larger light source. These panels work great for interview setups as key or fill, and can quickly be diffused for softer light using the D-Fuse Instant Pop Up Softboxes.

Over the last few weeks, i've had the opportunity to use these lights. I have to say they definitely offer a lot of features and quality for the price along with the convenience of portability with the flexible design. For more information, check out the product page for the Kamerar Brightcast Variable 15 (found here).

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9 thoughts on “Kamerar Brightcast Variable 15 Bi-Color Flexible LED Light

  1. Peter

    What type of softboxes do you use with these? I bought some of the pop-up ones from Kamerar but the panel is way to thin and they wont attach via the velcro. Any ideas?

  2. Post author

    @digitalcyclops - I want to say yes it could work. Cameras today have better resolution for keying, and software has come along way to refine keying.

  3. Jay Wolf

    Looks like a great little light. Unfortunately they don't ship internationally. Even though I could order and pay for one, they cancelled my order 3 days later saying they were out of stock. When I asked about the new batch, they said the actual reason is because shipping outside of China costs more than the light itself. Weird, because I've ordered so many things from China, not so long ago the Aputure LED panel and 2 weeks ago a V-mount battery. These companies don't seem to have any issues shipping outside China.

  4. I agree Chris, diffusion should almost always be used unless you are looking for a certain effect. I'm big on tight shots lately and my Dracast LEDs (diffused) work great in that scenario but wide shots need softbox for better roll-off.

  5. A better way to demonstrate that this light overpowers the F&K, wave an object in front of the Kamerar to create a hard(ish) shadow edge. It's hard to see the overpowering when there's no hard edge to the light.

    I, personally, have shied away from panel lighting as I'm concerned that you get odd shadow edges and catch lights in the eyes. For video work, I'm sure it's fine, but for big-screen film production I'd find it problematic. A softbox would help with evening out the shadows and making it seem more like one big light rather than an array of smaller lights. Thoughts?

    Wonder if you could get some interesting light effects by rolling it (facing inside or out) or wrapping it around something, rather than having it be a flat square. These are cheap enough I might try one out in my next project.

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