Joby GorillaPod DIY Slider

No this isn't a post about the Joby on wheels that could run you several hundred dollars. This video from Peter Wiren is a very simple method creating less friction to the Joby GorillaPod ends and sliding it on some basic rails. The rails are made from brackets normally used for hanging closet shelves, held together with basic joining plates, all found at any local hardware store. [Thanks Peter]

You'll need that sturdy large SLR flexible tripod base from Joby found below.
find-price-button Joby GorillaPod SLR Flexible Tripod

18 thoughts on “Joby GorillaPod DIY Slider

  1. John

    Great idea! But here are a few things you aught to know. Not all Gorilla Pods will work. The legs on the less expensive ones will not support an dslr. For this project, you want a Gorilla Pod SLR or a Gorilla Pod Zoom.

    Successful DIYing to y'all and thanks again Peter Wiren.

  2. Al

    If anyone tries this with a heavy camera/lens post results back here. This may be the answer to a couple of shots I was going to rent a slider for.


  3. Writersbloc

    Looks slightly shaky to me, but maybe that's my choppy internet connect... Great idea, finally a DIY slider I could actually build.

  4. Tee

    I just made one.... $17 with stuff from Lowes.

    Awesome...thank you CheesyCam and thank you Peter Wiren you bloody cheap-and brilliant bastard you.... 😉

  5. Rabi

    That looks far better than it has any right to. I have a GorillaPod lying around somewhere, maybe I'll give this a try.

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