Ursa Mini 4.6K IR Pollution Test with ND Filters Tiffen Static vs Light Craft Workshop Variable ND

First off, let's state the obvious! Of course i'm bound to have IR Pollution issues without using a proper 'IR Cut Filter'. But the point of this video is to show that even basic ND Filters that are not advertised with IR Cut can all perform differently, so it's better to test out your filters with specific cameras before heading out to shoot a full project.

I've used my Tiffen Static ND Filters happily on many of my cameras without issues. It's a nice sharp image. But as the BlackMagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6K is more sensitive to IR Pollution this (non-IR Cut) Tiffen ND 1.2 is probably the worst ND Filter you can use with the Ursa Mini 4.6K or other IR Sensitive cameras.

Again, I know none of these filters are advertised as IR Cut and you could probably spend a good amount of money on some special filters. But in this case, the URSA Mini 'without' a filter doesn't seem too bad so you may get away without one. And the LCW Fader ND MKII (though not advertised as IR cut) seems to handle IR Pollution extremely well, so it's a variable ND I can highly recommend. You can find the LCW Fader ND MKII Variable ND via B&H (click here).

Or you can also find the LCW Fader ND MKII Variable ND via Amazon (click here)
Ursa Mini IR Cut Filter Pollution Light Craft Workshop Fader ND MKII
Learn-More-smLight Craft WorkShop Fader ND MKII

10 thoughts on “Ursa Mini 4.6K IR Pollution Test with ND Filters Tiffen Static vs Light Craft Workshop Variable ND

  1. Post author

    @Rafael - I'm super happy. I just keep investing more into accessories for it. Now that they have upgaded the operating system, I love it even more. It's much faster to dial in settings, and they've added even more options. I don't suggest getting the 4K, the 4.6K or nothing..

  2. David Sawchak

    I believe it has to do with the mechanism of ND filtration—variable NDs use cross-polarization, which doesn't care what wavelength of light it's blocking, near-IR or visible. Conventional NDs are dyed (I am oversimplifying here) and a process developed to block visible light may be transparent to near-IR, hence the need for IR-cut or different filter manufacturing processes.

  3. Avtasi

    Thanks for the test! I really wanted to buy this camera but it was taking too long and I ended up getting the FS5.

    Blackmagic please add an electronic ND like the FS5, that would be amazing!

  4. Post author

    @Leandro Lima - I don't see why it wouldn't work well. I've had mine for several years, and i've never had a problem with it on any camera. Just keep in mind that you'll probably need a good set of static NDs as well, as variable NDs may not perform well with long focal lengths or with ultra wide angle lenses.

  5. Leandro Lima

    Do you know if the same problem will happen on Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5k? Will the LCW perform good results on BLackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K?
    Thank you

  6. We've used blackmagics various cameras for a while now and have invested in a set of Hoya Pro ND filters, they aren't variable but do have a very good IR cut which works well with the BM cameras. To make shooting quicker we're using Xume magnetic filter system to switch strengths on the go.

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