iPhone-Tripod Holder

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This just came in today from https://iphone-tripodholder.com.


Yes, you might think this is silly (unless you're Zacuto), but I have some small (just for fun) projects that will be shot on the iPhone and needed a very lightweight, fast, slim mount to get the iPhone onto a Tripod - Not to mention cheap too. Now before you start commenting on those DIY mods using car mount with flexible necks or cell phone holders, keep in mind you'd still have to modify a 1/4 x 20 threaded insert and you won't get quite the slim profile as this item. I've also been poking around eBay and those car mounts really aren't that cheap. I'm rocking the iPhone 3Gs, but this little mount also works on the new iPhone 4 (for you lucky devils). There's a slot for the camera lens if you decide to use it in reverse for some reason. (Images Below)

Slides in, and slides out, holds very well via rubber inserts in the channel. The provided threaded insert will work nicely with Barska Grip + Mini Giottos Ball head for some landscape action. I'm also planning on making a Gimbal type steadicam for iPhone and this mount will be a big help. I'll be toying with this over the weekend, see what I come up with. The iPhone-Tripod Holder can be found here at https://iphone-tripodholder.com

iPhone-Tripod Holder Shown with iPhone 4
iphone-4-mounted (1)
iphone-4-mounted (2)

3 thoughts on “iPhone-Tripod Holder

  1. Emm

    Post author

    That's an awesome idea! I might have to take up that project too. Would be a fun thing. Any suggestions on Timelapse software for iPhone?

  2. I ordered one for my iPhone4. Will be a good thing to use with my "to build Egg-Timer rotary knob" for rotary timelapses. And It's a really good price.

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