IndiProTools Power Pods Power Anything with LP-E6 Batteries

In the world of video, Canon LP-E6 batteries have managed to become the standard across many accessories whether it be LED lighting, Monitors, EVFs, and more. At NAB 2015 we checked out the newest version of the IndiProTools Power Pods that takes these batteries to the next level.

Indiprotools power pod canon lp-36 sony a7s
Sony A7s powered by Canon LP-E6 batteries with Indiprotools Power Pods

The Power Pods are adapters that allow you to use inexpensive Canon LP-E6 batteries to power just about everything. Mounting the pod is easy as it comes with a 1/4" tripod mount for you to add a 15mm clamp, friction arm, mini ball head, or hot shoe adapter.

For anyone shooting with the Sony A7s or BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras, these Power Pods are the perfect external battery pack. In previous versions, the Power Pods had a dedicated cable built in which meant you had to choose the correct Power Pod for each application. Now the Power Pods are completely modular.

With a standard DC input connection you can easily make your Power Pod compatible with practically any device or camera by choosing the proper cable. The modular cables have a DC Voltage regulator built in-line ensuring that you don't over juice your camera or accessory even if you chose the 14.4V Power Pod to power up your Sony A7s camera that only requires 7.2V.

You may find some additional information at the IndiProTools website, and the LP-E6 Power Pods are available at B&H (click here).

indipro tools power pods canonindiprotools power pod
find-price-button IndiProTools Power Pods Canon LP-E6 Battery Adapters

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7 thoughts on “IndiProTools Power Pods Power Anything with LP-E6 Batteries

  1. Jim

    The LP-E6 is nice for the smaller cameras,
    I use The Dual Sony-L Indi Pro Tools for my BMCC but the cord is short, and not detachable or interchangeable.

    Personally I would like to return mine and wait for the updated version for Sony-L Batteries since they have a much longer run time than LP-E6, I will contact Indi Pro Tools
    and see if I can exchange mine.

    Thanks EMM!

  2. Luca

    Does the LED indicator tell you when the battery is low?

    What I'm getting at is, if the camera can't tell you how low the battery is, will the module?

  3. A

    Mostly a Sony battery shop as well so I'll be looking forward to the Sony version when it comes out.

  4. Habez

    I wonder if the quad lp e6 one (which says can power x2 14.4v devices) can power my a7s and the shogun at the same time. Not sure about the math of it but it should be okay in my head lol

  5. Getem

    I'm also waiting for Sony battery support, from my experience they are much better vs the Canon LP-E6. Great post though EM, I would also really like for you to do a post regarding ALL external power options available for the Sony A7s

    Please and as always thanks

  6. Dan

    I own not a single Canon battery...but a bushel of Sony L batteries. Too bad they don't make the same thing but to hold L cells.

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