IndiPRO Tools Mini-Tap Power Cables

Heads up readers, during the NAB2016 Show next week keep an eye out on these particular IndiPRO Tools power cables for an additional discount. These cables offer a custom Mini-Tap to Dummy battery that can keep your Canon or Sony cameras powered up from a V-mount or Gold Mount battery. The cable is regulated inline to ensure your camera is operating at the correct voltage (as v-mounts are typically 14V+ out).

The difference between these cables as opposed to a standard D-Tap is the custom Mini-Tap which splits into two additional power option. (Other cables pretty much hog the entire D-Tap port). Once connected to your v-mount battery, you will still have an option for an unregulated D-Tap out to power up an additional accessory + a USB 5V out. That's three possible accessories you can power from a single battery without an expensive distribution system.

indiprotools mini-tap cable 2 indiprotools mini-tap cable3 indiprotools mini-tap cable
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5 thoughts on “IndiPRO Tools Mini-Tap Power Cables

  1. Post author

    @paul - Yes it does. I have seen the adapter and it has the correct slots to fit any standard LP-E6 slot. Best cable out there right now.

  2. Zoul R

    Just got the NP-FW50 version for the Sony A7S, From the Show, Powers up my Sony A7s and my 5V audio, No Complaints out of me. Great all in one cable

  3. Srg

    Note: These battery couplers may not be compatible with the Blackmagic Micro camera, due to the fact they don't have a second channel/slot to the left the contacts underneath. The Lamparte E6 battery dummy pack does provide the second channel.

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