Ikelite Underwater Housing for Canon 5D Mark III

Summer is around the corner, so is anyone considering taking their Canon 5D Mark III for a swim? It's probably one of the best small cameras out there when dealing with low light (it can get a bit dark underwater), but I don't think i'll ever take that plunge (pun intended). I'll stick to my Ikelite Sony HX9V underwater housing. Still, If you're daring enough, Ikelite already has an underwater housing available for the 5DM3 for about $1600 bucks.

find-price-button Ikelite Canon 5D Mark III Underwater Housing

5 thoughts on “Ikelite Underwater Housing for Canon 5D Mark III

  1. Matt

    A bit off topic for the MKIII housing, but do you know of any options for renting the HX9V housing?

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