Ikan shows off Gearless Follow Focus

Here's a video showing off Ikan's Gearless follow focus. These types of systems should work well if you're not pulling long focus, and also if you're using some quality lenses with an easy focus ring. The nice feature about this Follow Focus is the ability to mount it using a 1/4 thread. The Power Arm that they are showing looks like it has a bit of flex to it, but i'm sure there's plenty other ways to mount it solid. Not too shabby, and pricing i'll let you be the judge.


Here's the F3 available over at B&H: Ikan F3 Friction Follow Focus

5 thoughts on “Ikan shows off Gearless Follow Focus

  1. I am very interested in this for a number of reasons. I hear mixed reviews about indisystem gear but almost always positive about Ikan. Also, I shoot with a GH1(13) and love the 20mm f1.7 pancake lens. It is difficult to pull focus with the ring being so close the camera body. None of the larger systems seem to suit this need. Although the $189 does seem a little steep it would be worth it for me considering how much I wind up using that lens. Please let us know if you come across a review.

  2. jason

    Same gear box as the indiZOOM. The thing spins so both wheels can be used to pull focus and to also allow for mounting on lenses that have focus rings close to the camera body. Mounting it with a monitor arm seems dubious though. I'm interested in seeing some reviews.

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