Hyperlapse App Instantly Smooths Hand Held iPhone Time Lapse via Instagram

Instagram recently released a new Hyperlapse app available now for iOS devices. After testing it out, it appears that the Hyperlapse App captures live video, so it's basically just like speeding up video in post. But during the capture it uses real time image stabilization and once the Hyperlapse is stopped it will also add post image stabilization to further smooth out the final piece. At this point you can choose how fast to playback the video for a Hyperlapse-like clip. This is great since you don't have to carry around a tripod and can capture smooth hyperlapse-like footage while riding a bus, or with your iphone mounted to bike, or in my case when I ride my Electric Skateboards.

The only 'sharing' options directly from inside the app lead to either Facebook or Instagram, but the app will save your Hyperlapse directly to your Camera Roll for you to do what you please (like edit in post). This is a nice little FREE app i'm excited to use, and it would be great to see how you guys use it as well. Make sure to follow me over at Instagram @mrcheesycam

You can download the Hyperlapse app from the Apple App Store

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  1. CarsonWA

    This is a great step forward for our field IMO. Just like phones have made everyone a "photographer", this app is a tremendous video tool for soccer moms and business execs alike. Too often is usable home video unachievable for reasons to numerous to mention. This gives the average person the opportunity to create and have their artistic vision realized. However, file size is the first limitation that comes to mind. First attempt reminded me of how already overfull my phone is with media....Sigh

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