Hybrid Gimbal – Merging CAME-TV Mini2 with CAME-TV SINGLE

Some people want the CAME-Mini2 but also want the Encoder technology from the CAME-SINGLE. Some people want the CAME-SINGLE because it has Encoders, but want a better set of handles. Well, I might get in trouble for posting this, but I believe a few people may have already figured this out if not super curious if this merging the two was even possible.

Basically, if you were to take the 'Dual Handles' from the CAMETV CAME-Mini2 Gimbal and replace the 'One Handle' on the CAME-TV CAME-SINGLE Gimbal, the combination works for the 'Smallest two handed gimbal WITH Encoders' I know about.

Now you can't use it upside down, nor will you have a proper stand to place the gimbal when not in use, and finding a good place for an external monitor might be weird. So it's a bit of an oddball design, but what you do get is a more ergonomic set of handles to carry and steer your gimbal while reaping all the benefits of Encoder technology. The parts can be disassembled for travel so it's still a fairly compact system.

***** Reminder: This assembly is not officially supported by CAME-TV, and performing this assembly may result in damage or void of warranty..

Information about the MINI2 and SINGLE Gimbals can be found at the website at https://CAME-TV.com

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26 thoughts on “Hybrid Gimbal – Merging CAME-TV Mini2 with CAME-TV SINGLE

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @jsfilmz - I don't think they're going to upgrade the gimbal, but they may come out with another version that will support or weight. It will just be another option in their lineup

  2. jsfilmz

    Do you guys think came single will be upgraded for a slightly heavier set up? I want to pull the trigger but I would have to sell my 18-35mm and replace it with a lighter lens.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @jsfilmz - No I think that setup might be too heavy. It works with the A7sII and Sony 16-35mm for sure, but I think that's about pushing the weight limit.

  4. Steve

    @Emm No I do get that, but it seems like such a simple - and helpful - solution to offer a plate adapter.

    Heck, even just make available the receiving adapter that is already fixed on the Came_TV Single, but with a standard 1/4-20 screw hole on the bottom so I can screw in my usual arca swiss plate. Seems quite simple?

    Fingers crossed that Came_TV can be persuaded to make one available for sale.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Steve - Pretty much every gimbal has the same, so it's not CAME-TV. Buy a DJI Ronin or Ronin-M they also come with a proprietary plate.

  6. Steve

    Have been asking Came-TV for an plate adapter that will fit their proprietary QR plate for the Came-TV Single but they say it is custom and there is nothing available.

    Little disappointed that there's no way of just sliding the camera off the Came-TV single and then straight onto a tripod or slider etc. Seems like a big oversight to me.

    I know I can transfer the whole thing to a tripod using the screw holes on the bottom of the gimbal, but I just want to transfer the camera not the whole thing (snd waste battery life while it's sat filming speeches etc)

    So failing any help coming from Came_TV, does anyone know of a camera plate adapter that will actually fit the CameTV QR plate?!!


  7. Emm

    Post author

    @T2 - This company has been struggling for years to come out with products, so it's tough to say if they can offer good support for customers if they need a replacement or need support. They are also using their own software, and state they don't have a way to tune it with software. The footage looks a bit aggressive when panning, so I wonder how you can slow that down, or speed it up for tracking faster subjects. At the high cost they are asking, it might be a safer bet to go with a DJI Ronin-m or other popular gimbal.

  8. Steve

    Awesome idea. Any idea on how we could do this in a DIY way? Adding in handles and a rod etc but just below the existing Single battery? I know Smallrig do parts.... wonder if all this is possible. Hmmm. Thanks!

  9. Chris

    @emm hey so is it also possible to take the came mini 2 gimbal and put it on the handel of the came single? Basically the opposite of what you did in your video. 🙂


  10. patrick

    yeah that mini 3 looks sick encoders supported on both sides, click in battery so can use dumb handles or ring or drone maybe?

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Eric Zee - Yes everything still works. Pushing the button changes modes, adjusting the joystick controls the pan/tilt.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Patrick - Check the advanced tab or service tab and at the bottom uncheck the confirmation beeps.

  13. Patrick

    Hey Emm,

    Any insight on muting or lower the "beeping" volume from switching modes/powering on the Came-TV gimbals (particularly the Single)?

  14. Johannes

    Nice 🙂

    Do you by any chance have information on the Mini3 ?
    httpss://youtu.be/Lasw0uZFGX8 (second half of the video)


  15. chris noir

    Saw this video a while back, thought you would find the applications interesting


  16. Arno

    Is it possible to use this gimball as a remote controlled pan/tilt head? Would love to see this on a tripod

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