Huge Discounts on Edelkrone Modula Systems

Edelkone Modula Discounts

If you've been a fan of Edelkrone rigs, they are currently offering up some major discounts on the Modula Series. Here's a look at how the Modula systems can be configured differently.

There are several different Modula models starting from the Modula 3 to the Modula 9+. The most expensive combination listed on their website drops more than $1k off the list price. You can find out more about this deal over at the Edelkrone website (click here).

Modula Series Edelkrone discount
modula series edelkrone
Edelkrone Modula Series
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12 thoughts on “Huge Discounts on Edelkrone Modula Systems

  1. No matter that we think of the usefulness of the products. I think we can all agree that these guys were not afraid to try something different, had a concept and stuck to it. The quality of the product is top end but at the end of the day, you have to shoot with it for hours on end and sadly it does not help you do that.

    Looking back I wish i had bought a half cage for my DSLR. A wooden camera monitor arm+extension, a lanparte shoulder support with vmount locks, a counterweight holder and some wooden grips a long time ago. I would have saved thousands of dollars. Lucky for the rest of you that people like myself have made those mistakes and moved on.

    DONT make you rig more heavy that it needs to be. The edelcrone rig is a glorified monitor holder / arm and a cage with a small bracket can do the same thing. The edelcrone rig should have had big drilled out sections years ago but when you slot it all together it forms one big chunk of metal witch is doing nothing but hold a monitor and a couple of accessories. The camera cannot be placed over your shoulder which would have made this a much better option.

    This has been one of my best purchases ever.

    just add some handles and a cheese plate to the back or sides and you have the makings of a lightweight and practical shoulder rig for all uses. I travel with it in my roller bag next to the camera and can even keep it attached.

    And this
    Yes its on the expensive side but it saves me 3 to 4 seconds per camera mount and dismount. If you watch car racing those seconds build up and can mean allot in the long run. And its so easy to use that anyone can help me with it.

    Last tip from me is this.

    Wear your lenses and gear if you have the job for it. I change my lenses more than I blink in the day. Pairing this with a good monopod, shoulder rig and lightweight tripod and you are a one man band fighting machine.

    Anyway enough trade secrets πŸ˜‰ If you like the look of the Edelkrone stuff go right ahead and buy it, you can learn the hard way or as one guy here found out that he actually liked it. Although he did get the top end model for a discount price.

    If you have a light weight camera... keep it small, keep it light. You wont always be young so age gracefully and save you back πŸ˜€

  2. Darren

    I have a different take on the Edelkrone gear. I purchased a new Modula 9+ from a local guy here in Toronto - brand new in the packaging, but he gave it to me for a great price. The 9+ includes the follow focus plus system, the camera rig, the modular shoulder pads, and the weights. More than I need right now, but again I got a smoking deal so I went for it.

    I have been fully impressed and happy with the 9+. The build quality is fantastic, and it has worked great for my needs. Yes, it is heavy - no getting around that.

    I also picked up a medium slider plus when I was visiting NYC, from B&H since they had one in stock. I've used it a few times, and it has worked quite well. From time to time it "jumps" a little, and I haven't been able to figure out exactly why. But overall, it works as advertised - smooth sliding, and very portable.

    I can echo the comments about availability and price. I was keeping an eye on the slider plus on B&H for a while (months, actually) and a few would come in stock, and be out of stock within a few hours. Then it was another 2+ week wait for the same thing to happen again. As I said, I bought one b/c B&H happened to have one in stock (as a matter of fact, it arrived the day I happened to stop by the store.)

    Price wise, I wouldn't be working with the modula 9+ if I had to pay retail. I'm not questioning the quality and functionality of it, just that it was straight up out of my budget. But for what I paid, I pulled the trigger.

    So far, the only ongoing grip has been the price for the accessory attachments that need to be purchased separately for the rig. They were $50 each, if I remember correctly. I feel like that's very steep for a small aluminum bracket that lets you attach more stuff.

  3. Liang

    WOW! Thannks guys for the response! Their shoulder rig does look beautiful! But if all the weight is on the hands as Claire stated, then that's rather unfortunate. Also, I did see that the weight of their shoulder rigs are tanky. They're great looking rigs, and they *look* like they have good function, but if a double shoulder rig is ending up at 14 pounds before camera equipment + accessories, then no thanks.

  4. Arturo

    I was going to make a huge purchase with these guys. Guess what? Now, I AM NOT. Thanks for the feedback people.

  5. Rob S.

    What I'm beginning to realize about motorized sliders is that one motor can't do both fast and slow quietly or even well without some kind of transmission. Kessler makes it work by offering different motors and optional add on gears. But most other companies don't seem to take that into account and only sell one motor to do everything.

  6. mad

    returned the action and target module along with the slider pro xl. motors are too loud and not strong enough. on top of that it doesn't work as it should. bumpy footage like you wouldn't believe.

    the the target module was late in targeting and never kept up with the action module. cant do vertical with the weak motors "unless you hold your cam" and that doesn't even work.

    i beleive i got some defective products but after waiting a long time for the modules i just gave up mainly due to motor noise and weak motors. i remember when the guy introduced these motor he said there would be no noise... lies!

    i was in love with edelkrone but i guess i let the "shiny marketing" steal my heart... oh well

    caint wait for a review on that new ifootage motorized slider... emm? πŸ™‚

  7. Oh and the pictures you see of the guy holding the rig is actually causing that man pain. The weight is all on his hands and barely on his shoulder and by the time you get the balance to be close to your shoulder the damn thing is as heavy as a bus.

  8. Warning. I have found little to no use for anything purchased from Edelkrone. I can only recommend their weight system with rod and weight holder. I used the handles as well. he rig is too heavy and doesn't do what it should in practice.
    he products are too heavy, overpriced, and actually quite impractical. Sorry to be so negative but it seems like the companies constant shiny marketing is not working anymore so they are having to slash prices, the gear does not work.
    I shoot every single day and have one of these things sitting at home gathering dust.

    Ignore the marketing, save your money. I use 4 different companies parts on my shoulder rig, trial and error and allot of fun can save you money and back pain.

  9. Rob S.

    I agree. Good ideas but with a lot of issues. The biggest issue that bugs me is not being able to fulfill orders when they promise. I've been waiting for the new motion and target modules for nearly 4 months. I haven't seen many reviews on them on Youtube or on blogs which leads me to believe that they're way behind on delivery of everything.

  10. Steve M.

    I think their designs are incredibly well thought out, however, I also think their big mistake was initially pricing all their products in the stratosphere.

  11. we'll see

    I have not been impressed with Edelkron's products. Had a lot of issues with their sliders and their follow focus. Hopefully this one does better. Looking forward to reading some reviews.

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