Grip + Batteries is officially in


Finally! The 550D / T2i aftermarket battery grip + 2 batteries is sitting here at my desk, and i'll have more photos and full review later when I get back home. There are many sellers, but the boxes seem to be the same packaging. Does anyone have a different box? Send in your photos and comments, i'll do an awesome review for everyone when I get back home. Click the image above if you want to buy one from the same eBay seller I purchased mine from.

8 thoughts on “Grip + Batteries is officially in

  1. Tom

    I just received my Phottix battery grip today and am very pleased. I actually prefer the grip's texture over that of the T2i's The build quality seems just as good as Canon's.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say thinks for your review on the grip, it was just what I needed to convince me to go for the knock-off. Totally worth it!

  2. Task514

    There's currently 2 brand of aftermarket grips for the T2i...

    Phottix and Meike.

    I wonder what's different.

  3. Johan

    I got mine yesterday. very nice grip. iam happy with it! I diden order from ebay. I orderd from a reseller here in sweden, so the price was double. But i couldnt wait 🙂


  4. Yep, I just recieved the aftermarket batterygrip myself yesterday! Looks exactly like the one you got. Actually Im really happy with the grip, doesent feel to cheap. Atleast not compared to what I paid for it!

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