GPHD GoPro HD Hero Camera Timelapse

The time zones had me all thrown off. I got up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep. So I thought i'd throw the old GPHD on the balcony and set the timelapse function. This is 1,943 photos put into a 24fps timeline.

This is the view of my Timeshare, a resort called the Ka'anapali Beach Club in Maui. Not the greatest quality, but this little camera is soooo much fun, and I got some great underwater HD video too, i'll share later.

First I dumped all the photos into Adobe Lightroom, threw is some saturation and contrast, then used the crop tool to export all of the images at 1280x720. Dragged all the images into Sony Vegas at 24fps.

A few things about this video. I really like the way the clouds are going in all different directions, and second who the heck is that guy swimming laps this early in the morning??

Shot on the GoPro HD Camera Timelapse function

5 thoughts on “GPHD GoPro HD Hero Camera Timelapse

  1. JS

    how long was the time lapse? I wonder how long the guy actually did swim?

    Does Gopro HD has time lapse mode?

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