GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac and Remote Available

GoPro Remote BacPac
find-price-button GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac + Wi-Fi Remote Combo Kit

Control up to 50 cameras a time from up to 600’/ 180m away with the Wi-Fi Remote
Enjoy full camera control, including ON/OFF, SHUTTER and SETTINGS control
LCD screen mirrors your camera’s status LCD screen
Attachment strap, key ring, and charging cable included
Waterproof to 10'/3m

Use your Smartphone or Tablet as a live video remote control
Enjoy convenient live video + photo preview and playback
Wi-Fi transfer* your favorite videos and photos from your GoPro to your Smartphone or Tablet and share with friends
Use your Smartphone as a hotspot to live stream video and share photos + videos to the web*

Live stream video or share photos and videos directly to the web from your GoPro, wherever you have a network connection

Available now on Amazon with Prime Free Shipping (Click Here)
GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac Remote AvailableGoPro BacPac
find-price-button GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac + Wi-Fi Remote Combo Kit

54 thoughts on “GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac and Remote Available

  1. Mick

    Me again. After a little more searching I found that the live preview does not work when Protune is turned on. It works fine when its off 🙂

  2. Mick

    Hi all. I've had the hero 2 with WiFi backpac for 2 or 3 weeks now along with the iPhone app. My question is about the live preview. When I first started using it I found that as soon as you press record the live view appearing on my iPhone goes off and says "Preview not supported". I was a bit disappointed but after searching the web I found that this was just how it is. Then one day I pressed record and the preview stayed on. It has been this way for the last week or two. I've recorded (and played back on the PC) about 6 videos. Today I took the backpac off to replace the battery (I bought a second one so I could use it for longer periods) but now find that my live preview is stopping when I start recording again. Has anyone had this problem and if so how do I get the live preview back?

    Cheers Mick.

  3. At this time it isn't possible to run multiple GoPro Hero2's from the iPhone app. Let's hope they get this figure out soon.

    Email me @ ryancrase at mac dot com if you have a fix or a solution.

  4. Chi Lee

    The GoPro WiFi app is now starting to be available on iTunes (release date is Oct 8, it's appearing in each country as the timezones roll round). Several users have downloaded it but as there's no firmware update to support the app (Cineform was updated last week but for other reasons) it doesn't actually do anything.

    No Android version yet.

  5. Edouard

    Hello everyone. Very quick qeustion: Given that the new GOPRO2 has a wireless option, do I need to get the wifi bacpac to be able to stream videos onto my smartphone?

  6. why do you all keep saying the same things in this thread? There are two questions here without answers.

    1. Can anyone give an exact date, or approximate date (beyond Fall) for when the app becomes available through the app store?

    2. Will the release of this app accompany a firmware upgrade that allows the Hero 2 to shoot in 24FPS?

    An answer to either one of these questions would be greatly appreciated. I used to have the direct number for GoPro in Cali but misplaced it. I figure that would be a good place to start.

  7. mark

    hey at least you iphone users get an app.
    im a blackberry user and bought this thinking i could send the live feed to my laptop..... but now i need a connection to do so.
    who has connections out in the

    crappy for me.

  8. cliff

    I just got the new wifi bacpac and remote combo kit, charged it all up and began the firmware update process. I got all the way to the end of the Wifi bacpac update where the screen said update complete, my wifi bacpac turned off and i was unable to power it back on, it just died after the update. Tried charging it for a bit thinking maybe the battery died but no just completely lifeless.. gonna return it today.

  9. Have a hero. Just bought the Hero2 and the wifi backpack kit and a 32 gig card. Got it home and the Wifi died on me. Sent in a Gopro support request and they recommended things I had already done. So I took it back and got a exchange. New one was a sinch. It installed perfectly and works great.

    I will pickup another wifi for my hero camera so I can turn the both on at the same time and record with them.

    This thing works sweet. It lasted 2.5 hours of playing around with it before having to recharge the camera.the wifi and the remote both had power left but after 8 hours they both needed a fresh charge. Good stuff.

    Mark Jones

  10. Matt

    Anyone else having trouble with the physical remote? Mines currently powering up, flashing the wifi symbol but nothing else, i plug it into the computer and it doesn't register and i'm unable to update the firmware on the remote. I'm also unable to cycle through any of the menus on the remote either.

    Does anyone else have this problem? if so can anyone offer a solution?


  11. Chrisnofear

    Hey I am having randon trouble installing my firmware on my windows 7 64 bit machine but I am using a class 4 sd card and I am almost sure with a class 10 card it would work better? Am I correct???

    Thanks Chris

  12. ID

    When trying to upgrade wi-fi bacpac I get the error message:

    "Updated failed. Try unplugging all other USB devices and hubs, including external monitors, and try again."

    * I have restarted the computer, CineForm, camera, bacpac and remote.
    * Computer (Mac 10.7), CineForm Studio and my GoPro Hero2 is all up to date.
    * There is nothing plugged into the computer except the GoPro camera/wi-fi remote.
    * I have tried to use different USB cables and used different USB ports.
    * I have checked forums, video tutorial and the install manual for any tips why I keep getting this message.

    Nothing works. Super frustrated. Have tryed to fix it for 4-5 hours now. Any thoughts? 🙂

  13. Mike

    For anyone having problems updating firmware with Windows 7 64-bit, this fix worked for me:

    ***Windows 7 64Bit Users*** If your firmware install on the BacPac is hanging at the install portion you may need to turn of your computer UAC (User Account Control) to do so you will need to go to Start -> Control Panel-> In the search bar in the top right type ‘UAC’-> Click the first result “User Account Control Settings” -> Move the sliding tab to never notify -> Press Ok and restart your computer. Try the update once the restart is completed and it should go through smoothly this time.

  14. Rtones

    This kit provides a great feature even without the app yet released. Got mine over the weekend and have it mounted on the underside of my airplanes wing. Before I had no way to turn it off and on for the "interesting" parts of a 3 hour flight. Now I can turn it off/on take pictures, shoot video, and do a timelapse all in one flight! Completely impossible to do before.

    Just think about how AMAZING it will be when the app does hit! Just be patient, it will come. But in the meantime it provides functionality that wasn't possible before. Two thumbs up!

  15. Jaimy

    Got the wifi kit this weekend. What a joke, "coming soon" for the streaming to the iphone. But it's sold promoting this feature. I should box the whole set up and send it back to them.

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @JJ - I believe you make the connection directly to the camera. It's WiFi but it's a direct connection. You don't need a wireless network.

  17. JJ

    Hi. Newbee here. I have the HD Hero 2. My question is: is a WiFi connection required fro the remote to operate the camera? For instance, I'd like to film my kids' little league games. Can I mount the camera on a fence and turn it on and off using the remote, without a WiFi connection? Thanks in advance for your help.

  18. Cooter32

    Worked fantastic. I strapped the remote on my mountain bike handlebars and it was great to be able to control the camera on the go.

  19. mark

    Just got the wifi kit and attached it to both my hero1 and Hero2. only thing I didn't realize when I bought it (about 2 hours ago) is the iPhone app isn;lt out yet. How in the f#$% do you sell the hardware for something without the software ???? The whole reason I bought it is to stream the viewfinder from my phone/ipad. ARGHHHHHHH all this after waiting 6 months extra for the thing to come out!!.........Gopro makes great products, but clearly their management is incompetent.

  20. Woody

    Got my wifi backpack and remote today.
    Followed the instructions and all works great.

  21. Duayne McKinney

    There are a few firmware updates required before you can use any of the components; apparently a lot of people are having trouble getting their WiFi BacPac/Remote to work, here's the proper way to do it (for reference I'm using a GoPro HD Hero 2 camera and Windows 7):

    1. Just as a precaution, charge the WiFi BacPac, WiFi Remote, and your GoPro HD Hero 2 camera to full battery first.
    2. Go to the GoPro website and download and install the latest "Cineform" software for your computer (they have both Mac and Windows versions).
    3. Using a USB cable, connect your GoPro camera (by itself, with no attachments) and turn it on.
    4. Launch the Cineform software; it should alert you that there is a firmware update available for the device. Click "show details" and then click the "update" button.
    5. Cineform will download the new firmware, copy it to your camera, then show you instructions on how to update the camera.
    6. When you're done, the camera should beep a few times, then power off automatically.

    Turn the camera back on, and if it's working as normal then your firmware update is complete. Now then - you also have to repeat steps 3-6 for the WiFi BacPac AND the WiFi Remote. Do the BacPac second; plug it into your computer via USB and let Cineform update the firmware. Once the firmware upgrade is complete for the WiFi BacPac, keep the WiFi BacPac plugged into your computer and power up the WiFi Remote. Cineform will ask you once more if you want to update the firmware, so click "update" and let it do its thing.

    Once you have all three devices (camera, WiFi BacPac, WiFi Remote) updated with the latest firmware, the WiFi BacPac an Remote will connect to the camera and function as expected.

  22. Chris M

    I just got the Wi-Fi Combo Kit yesterday and have been updating and trying to get it to work since. Everything was updating fine until I got to the remote. After updating the BackPac my remote stopped syncing with it.. Now the whole thing is useless till I figure it out. frustrating.

  23. Max W

    Thanks for the info, that's really cool that it creates it's own network. Hopefully it will work better when they release the app...

  24. Oregon Trail Trash

    Well, I tried updating the remote and the back but it say remote disconnted and wifi back seems to freeze when it installs the firware update. I'm on a PC now, going to try my Mac after work at home. This is frustrating.

  25. Oregon Trail Trash

    So I have the wifi back and remote. I can't get the darn thing to sync to any of my cameras (3 hero2s) Anyone have any luck? My buddy got his yesterday and can't get his to work right either. Oh the App isn't out yet. It's coming soon. Also you can use the wifi back on the HeroHD not just the Hero2. I runs on it's own wifi band. You can be anywhere and connect up to 600 ft away.


  26. Arno

    i suppose the gopro can make its own network, it basicly uses the wifi band to transmit its signal.

    tomorrow i get mine, then i can tell u more!

  27. Max W

    After reading everything I can on the internet about the wifi bacpac, one thing is still unclear to me:

    If I have a Hero2, a wifi bacpac, and an iphone with the app on it, can I get a live view on my phone from the go pro, without an actual wifi connection? Or do I need to be in range of a wireless network?

    Any info is much appreciated, thanks.

  28. Jason

    schill, for mobile devices like these windows/osx or whatever desktop OS doesn't matter. If you don't use the native iOS or Andriod app, it runs through your browser, and every major browser is supported. So it pretty much has every area covered.

    Ive looked into this extensively because I have a non-major OS tablet(HP Touchpad /WebOS) and I was worried that I would lose out on using my tablet/phone because only iOS and Android apps are coming out. But then I learned I'd be fine with WebOS because I run the web app through my browser.

    They do have gopro studio for windows, buts thats different.

  29. jocthedinosaur

    Why would they make a remote that is only waterproof to 3m for a camera that is waterproof to 60m??

  30. schill

    I just received my wifi bacpac and remote. I haven't tested it yet - they are charging now.

    I would really like to know when the apps are going to be available. I haven't seen any mention, but it would be nice to have a Windows program as well.

    I thought about holding off until we actually see the apps, but I have a use for the camera right now where I won't be able to reach it to start/stop the recording. But... I will need the remote to work through a few inches of water. I'm not counting on it at all, but it will be cool if it does.

  31. Travis Wears

    Very curious about this but essentially useless without the app. I want a Hero 2 but I don't like operating these cameras without an LCD display. Once the iPhone app and 24fps upgrade drop, I'm all over it though.

  32. rodney

    Wow, reminds me of the EyeFi card - iPhone app goings on.
    Shipping a device that does not work right out of the box.

    I have it working now, but that's what I get for wanting it now, now, now 😉

    You have to upgrade Cineform, then the camera, and THEN upgrade the firmware on the WiFI bacpac AND the firmware on the Remote, before it works.

    And then YES, the it works.

    About a 1/4 - 1/2 sec delay on shooting from time you press remote shutter button til camera release , but relays all info from front LCD camera to LCD window on remote.

    If remote loses connection it flashes a red light 4-5 times when you try to use buttons. Or shows a flashing wifi icon. But once back in range it shows camera front LCD info again.

    Will have to check battery life for remote, wifi bacpac and camera together. Three things to juggle. Remote and Wifi bacpac have internal rechargeable battery. Wifi bacpac will use juice from camera when it gets low.

    Network streaming and iPhone app are as advertised. Coming soon.

  33. Chuck

    Just now loaded the firmware update for both the wifi back and remote and works fine now. I used the Mac update.

  34. Jason

    did you watch the Ryan Schekler skate video that dropped with this?

    PS. I was right, selling indivual wi-fi bacpac w/o remote for $59!!!!! YESSS gopro's make mondays the best!

  35. Kurt

    I picked one up at Best Buy today. The firmware update worked and the remote works fine. But something interesting I have not seen before.. it will have bluetooth! The current firmware just says Coming Soon on the bluetooth screen so it'll need another update. That would make direct transfers to my computer easy I hope.

  36. Luke

    That is why I'm holding off purchasing too... I thought the app was ready but when they revised their site...

    Go pro added next to the smartphone app... Coming soon.

    Just speculation, but I think the app is nowhere ready, and that has been the cause of all of the delays of this product...

  37. Well, the firmware is up now. I'll have mine in tomorrow. However, there's no smartphone app, nor any indication of when it is coming out. If you buy today all you get is a fancy remote control. You can't actually see what you are recording yet, so this whole upgrade is somewhat useless right now.

    I wish they completed the software before releasing the hardware.

  38. DavidN4

    I ordered one. Will have it this week. I am already running the latest firmware as far as I know (just updated last week), so we'll see how it works.

  39. Rodney white

    I can still only get the older firmware that does not support the wifi. Has anyone got the wifi remote and bacpc to work yet?
    Gopro app and streaming to smart phone are listed as coming soon.

  40. Dean

    Question... Will the wifi bacpac work sending live video to a laptop if there is no internet available, like in remote areas?

  41. Emm

    Post author

    @Wesley - 24fps is not the same firmware for the WiFi. It will be from ProTune.

  42. Hoping to get it soon... I live in Mexico and it's hard to get this kind of stuff... just got the HERO 2 and I've been using it like a child :B

  43. Wesley

    Just received the "new firmware available" message in Cineform.

    My version.txt file shows:
    "info version":"1.0",
    "firmware version":"HD2.08.12.124.WIFI.R33.00",
    "camera type":"HD2",

    But still no, 24fps, flat profile or higher bitrate available in the menu 🙁

  44. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - New firmware soon will have 24fps, higher bitrate, and flat picture style to color grade and match better with other cinema cameras. Was announced at NAB 2012. It looks awesome.

  45. Hey Emm, here's a parallel question. The GoPro only records 30 fps at 1080, not 24. How well does the 30 fps fit into a 24 fps timeline? In the HDV days when I shot 60i, it didn't look that great, but now that's is all progressive, does it work better?

  46. danilo

    damn, I wish I could use my iPhone as a live preview screen for my 7D. That would be kind of helpful for the kind of videos I do.

  47. Austin

    Really makes me want to sell my gopro hero and get the hero 2 so I can stream to iphone or tablet, would help setting up my helmet cam easier. Oh well still worth the money for the wifi remote when playing paintball, now I actually know when I'm recording.

  48. Chi Lee

    The hardware may be on sale (in the USA - still not available in Europe) but the firmware update required for it to work is not. The GoPro website is still serving firmware 0.70.

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