GoPro Karma Grip Gimbal Stabilizer Unboxing and Features with HERO5

A quick video tour of the new Gopro Karma Gimbal Hand Held Stabilizer and the features it offers for the HERO5 camera.

For the price and feature set, the Karma Grip is the best gimbal available today for the HERO5 camera. Although they don't advertise this, it looks well made to be dust and somewhat water (maybe a light drizzle) resistant. You can mount the entire gimbal using the adapter ring to any standard GoPro mount (helmet, chest, bike, etc.). If you need this to be lightweight, the top gimbal can be removed from the lower handle and powered up with the optional Karma Grip Extension cable.


Once the HERO5 is docked into the Karma Grip, it will keep your GOPro charged. You recharge the Karma Grip by plugging it into the USB port under the handle. You can also connect to the Karma Grip's USB charge port (under handle) to download your GoPro footage, so you don't need to pull your SD Card out (but you need to download the GoPro Quik software to import). The Karma Grip compatibility with the GoPro HERO5 camera along with the price make this a must have accessory for HERO5 owners.

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